FG review: a whale of a tale

Wreck of the Essex. Detail of "Whaling Voyage Round the World," ca.1848, a panorama by Benjamin Russell and Caleb P. Purrington. Wikimedia Commons

The Essex

Premiere production; Portland Story Theater at The Alberta Abbey; performed Jan. 2-24

When the Essex set sail from Nantucket on August 12, 1819, it was considered a lucky ship. At about 88 feet it was smallish for a …



Ted Roisum, 1952-2015: a giant falls

Roisum in Conor McPherson's "St. Nicholas." Photo: Win Goodbody/Corrib Theatre

Like a few other giants, Ted Roisum was surprisingly small in person: lean and compact, short, somehow tough and fragile at the same time, with a large and perpetually questioning head that overwhelmed his wiry body.

Yet giant he was, …



Where sound meets vision


Pick an art form, any art form: Eric Isaacson could give you an enlightening, hilarious impromptu lecture on it. The proprietor of the Mississippi Records store and its accompanying record label is an encyclopedia of cultural knowledge; music, yes, everything …



Weekend MusicWatch: Winter Fests and Spacy Sounds

Blake Applegate leads Cantores in Ecclesia.

Oregon summers teem with arts festivals, but it actually makes more sense to concentrate our indoor entertainment during the season of inclement weather. Like Fertile Ground in theater, Chamber Music Northwest and Cantores in Ecclesia are doing just that — …



Matisse, curious incidents & road-trip revelations

The Alvin Ailey company in "Revelations." Photo: Nan Melville

In December, New York City dances. Lights sparkling night and day,  revelers dashing across streets to pause and gape at store windows, skaters swooping and sometimes staggering around the ice rink at Rockefeller Center, fat little squirrels scampering up and …



Eyes bigger than your gallery


I have seen some wonderful art at Hap Gallery, and have come close to writing a review of any number of exhibits, but have always resisted. Even now, as I am move forward with this essay, it is with …

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