Dance card: News and notes of a choreographic persuasion

Anne Mueller and John Michael Schert/ Photo by Jonas Lundqvist

Portland embraced choreographer Trey McIntyre during his stint as resident choreographer here in 1999—some of the bright contemporary dances he made then are still in Oregon Ballet Theatre’s repertoire (Like a Samba, Speak)and are invariably greeted warmly, …



Post5′s ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’ is a party in the quad

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 1.29.27 PM

Boy meets girl. They fall in love. They break up.

Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost is basically a quadruple batch of that. Four girls, four boys, four loves, four breakups—all happening at once, topped off by a play within a play …



Ballet Diary 4: breathe like a pro

ballet 4

Walking back on the Hawthorne Bridge after last week’s ballet lesson, I felt a sense of pure…expanse.

The weather was hot and balmy, sunlight still bright even at 9 pm. My bad ankle hurt in the sharp-pang, woken-up way, the …



Chamber Music Northwest Club Concerts review: Seeking new listeners in new spaces

Chamber Music Northwest Protege Project musicians performed at Portland's Jimmy Mak's Jazz Lounge. Photo: Jonathan Lange.


A vibrant chatter fills the air at Jimmy Mak’s, Portland’s premier jazz venue. People are happily eating and drinking, gaily greeting friends from across the room, holding eagerly anticipatory conversations of the evening’s imminent music. Is this …



July First Thursday/Friday Gallery Guide


While I know many of you will be busy with BBQ’s, camping, hiking and the other myriad ways we enjoy the outdoors here in Portland, I don’t want you to miss out on the great art we have coming to …



FILM: For director, ‘Boyhood’ was an all-encompassing life project

Ellar Coltrane

For a film to work, the viewer must, in some way, believe what they are seeing is true. That doesn’t mean they all must be realistic, but for fantasy, science-fiction, biopics, comedies, documentaries—whatever—we just need to buy in to the …

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