25 things to watch for in September

"Dreamgirls," from left: Mary Patton, Nattalyee Randall, Lexi Rhoades. Photo: Patrick Weishampel

Welcome to the new year: the day after Labor Day, the first day of school, and the real start of the year. September is when most arts and cultural organizations begin their annual calendars, and in Portland the energy level’s …



Sam Shepard one-acts: drama, drawn and quartered

Beth Thompson, Chris Murray, and Nelda Reyes. Photo by David Kinder.

“How was it?” asked an actor friend when I returned from a day immersed in Sam Shepard’s storytelling. “Mindblowing,” I … exclaimed? No, more like sighed. Because it was great in a way that made me very tired. By the …



Rachel Tess builds a ‘Souvenir’

Tess balances on the "Souvenir" house at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York. Photo courtesy Rachel Tess

A lot can happen in a short time in a small space. And a lot did on Saturday night, when Rachel Tess and Kenneth Bruun Carlson, members of Rachel Tess Dance,  performed a 30-minute duet at OPSIS Architecture, …



Weekend MusicWatch: Mallets Aforethought

Timber! Members of Mantra Percussion join Third Angle New Music Friday.

This weekend’s striking Oregon music menu features not one but two sparkling contemporary marimba concertos, plus a another percussion extravaganza involving mallets and native Northwest Douglas Fir instruments, not to mention banjo, cellos, trios and more.

Third Angle New Music



Remember this: the price of drones

Pakistan: the witness.

The planes in Sabina Haque’s drawings are rendered crudely, as if in a kid’s scrawl, and they look like bombers but also a little like crosses, or even swastikas: looking at them, I’m riveted, but my mind also wanders, …



Little Art in the Parking Lot

Inside the cart: bones and a bowl of candy.

This was Portland on a balmy late-summer Saturday afternoon.

  •  PICA’s edgy TBA festival of contemporary art and performance was getting into full swing.
  •  Badass Theatre’s Sans Merci was preparing to rock the house again.
  •  Artists Rep was getting ready to

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