News & Notes: Catching up on Oregon music and dance news

Symphony musicians chat with the crowd at Classical Up Close.

Around the country, orchestras are connecting with their communities (particularly members who don’t already frequent their concerts) through various outreach and education programs. Led by Resident Conductor Paul Ghun Kim, the Oregon Symphony this week concluded its “Concerts on the



East Side Storytellers

A Portland Story Theater crowd at Hipbone. Photo: Mike Bodin

“It’s kind of a big risk,” Lawrence Howard says. “We’re excited and a bit nervous about it.”

Howard isn’t talking about 33 and ⅓, the dual storytelling program about their third-of-a-century life together that he and his wife, Lynne …



How to have a body: Five things I learned from Kelly Rauer’s ‘Locate’

Kelly Rauer's "Locate" at Disjecta/Photo by Mark Stein


The first time I saw Kelly Rauer’s Locate, I gasped. I’d been watching the screens Rauer placed in two corners of the room when a figure appeared on the wall between them—and then disappeared as quickly …



Oregon Symphony preview: Video Shame Music

Nobuo Uematsu and Arnie Roth


I am obsessed with a piece called “Cascade.” My 10-year-old student wrote it, sorry he ever did, I’m sure, because he rolls his eyes every time I ask him to play it — which is at every …



Namita Gupta Wiggers: The timing was right to leave the museum

Namita Gupta Wiggers brought Ai Weiwei's "Dropping the Urn" to Portland in 2010.

Late last week Pacific Northwest College of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Craft announced that MoCC executive director and chief curator Namita Gupta Wiggers was leaving both posts. The timing seemed odd. Since she was hired in 2004, …



PHAME Turns 30: Portland arts academy educates students and community

PHAME's Bye Bye Birdie.


“Everyone in Portland today is talking about equity issues, especially in the arts,” says PHAME’s executive director Stephen Marc Beaudoin. “Rarely is disability included in this discussion, though it needs to be. PHAME’s performances and collaborations …

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