New Cappella Romana CD, Shakespeare 2016, and misadventures of the very rich

Francis Bacon, Three Studies of Lucian Freud, 1969. © The Estate of Francis Bacon. All rights reserved. / DACS, London / ARS, New York / Christie's Images Limited 2013

Dear ArtsWatchers, today Cappella Romana, the great Portland choral ensemble, is releasing a new CD, and maybe you’ll want to drive it to the top of the Billboard classical charts? Of course you will!

And yesterday, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival …



“The Invisible Hand” follows the money

Connor Toms and Imran Sheikh in ART's "The Invisible Hand"/Owen Carey

For a few years now, Allen Nause has talked about staging “The Invisible Hand” in Portland, back when he was artistic director of Artists Repertory Theatre, back before playwright Ayad Akhtar’s “Disgraced” won a Pulitzer Prize for drama, and right …



Ballet 422: dancing on the screen

Justin Peck in a scene from "Ballet 422." Photo courtesy Magnolia Pictures.

“We didn’t have money for anything,” Todd Bolender said in an interview about the making of his ballet Souvenirs.  Bolender was a founding member of New York City Ballet, in 1948; his Mother Goose, in which he …



Weekend MusicWatch: Resurrected!

Cantores in Ecclesia performs Sunday.

Jamuna Chiarini’s weekend dance preview prompted the ArtsWatch music department to retaliate with this temporary revival of our Weekend MusicWatch — mostly to remind readers that we’re now posting previews monthly, and updating them occasionally, so you should be sure …



Dance Weekend: All for the intimacy

SubRosa is having a party this weekend.

This is a week to celebrate the intimate side of Portland dance—small performance spaces and smaller groups of dancers, workshops, even a party and a benefit. That’s a week, in short, of what makes Portland dance imaginative and a continual …



Rodrigo Valenzuela: Tenuous constructions

Detail from Rodrigo Valenzuela's "Hedonic Reversal"/Upfor

By Rebecca Mackay Rosen Carlisle

As Portland developers continue to fill the city with cranes and condo buildings, Rodrigo Valenzuela’s solo show Hedonic Reversal at Upfor uses video, photography, and a complex process of image construction to both deconstruct and …

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