Words matter: Who founded Literary Arts and who didn’t

By my calculus, Julie Mancini, second from left, was one of the founders of Literary Arts./Photo from the Literary Arts website

What happens when an error of fact and maybe even an error of interpretation of that error of fact somehow find their way into the public record?

In my case, you write a little something about it, hoping to correct …



A brief taste of the last two Apples

Bruce Burkhartsmeier, Rebecca Lingafelter, Isaac Lamb, Maureen Porter in 2013's "Sweet and Sad." Photo: Owen Carey

From time to time in life, we meet people we like and would like to get to know better, but circumstances get in the way.

To an extent, that’s what happened for Portland theater fans who made the acquaintance of …



Portland movie fundamentalists gather at the Church Of Film



Every Wednesday evening, as the sun goes down, a small but loyal congregation gathers in North Portland. They’re acolytes of the Church of Film, and they’ve come to worship at this altar of cinema…

Church of Film



Weekend MusicWatch: Tasty Leftovers

Cantores in Ecclesia performs Sunday.

As usual, the pickings are as slim music-wise as they are bountiful (for most of us fortunate ones anyway) food-wise this holiday weekend. But there are still several shows likely to lure Oregonians out of our tryptophan comas and football …



Dances with words at Polaris

Polaris performs "Words" in its home studio./Photograph courtesy of Polaris

There is no doubt in my mind that Robert Guitron, the artistic director of Polaris Dance Theater, is as passionate about written language as he is about dance.

Earlier this month (November 7-16) at Polaris’s home studio on SW Taylor …



Missing the Sun? Here’s some Art!

Roger Kukes, Land Labyrinth (Green).

Now that Portland has entered the time of year when we rarely see the sun’s light or feel its warmth, I thought I’d bring to your attention the installation by Abigail McNamara at Duplex Gallery. Over the past few …

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