ArtsWatch Weekly: Road trip!

Dorothy (Ashley D. Kelley) and Scarecrow (J. Cameron Barnett), ready to ease on down the road. in Ashland Photo: Jenny Graham, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

GET OUT OF TOWN. No, seriously. Summer’s here, and it’s travel time in Oregon: ah, the possibilities! You could grab a dashing neck scarf, put the top down on your convertible and zip on down the open road toward the …



Living history: ‘Roe’ in Ashland

A major Roe v. Wade anniversary puts Norma McCorvey (Sara Bruner) and Sarah Weddington (Sarah Jane Agnew) back in the public eye. Photo: Jenny Graham, Oregon Shakespeare Festival.


If you don’t go see Lisa Loomer’s new play Roe at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, I predict that you’ll be seeing it soon elsewhere, perhaps many elsewheres.

That’s because the subject of Roe is topical (when will …



FILM REVIEW: Testicular quackery exposed in “Nuts!”

Dr. John Romulus Brinkley, the subject of the documentary "Nuts!"

“Gentlemen! Step right up! Been feeling down in the dumps? Lacking that usual masculine vitality? Well, Doctor John Romulus Brinkley has just the thing for you!”

“See that goat over there? The one frolicking about in a charged, even amorous …



Requiem from a heavyweight

Sir James MacMillan conducting. Photo courtesy Oregon Bach Festival

EUGENE – Sir James MacMillan sits amid the organized clutter of his office in the catacombs of the Hult Center for the Performing Arts. For the recently knighted Scottish composer and conductor it’s a temporary headquarters, with a couple of …



Risk/Reward 2016: Creative tensions

Risk/Reward Festival,
June 17, 2016,
Artists Repertory Theatre,
Photo by Chelsea Petrakis

Ah, summer: that season when the only arts our sun-drunk brains are capable of handling are explosion-laden superhero films and simplistic beach read books. Or so the entertainment-industrial complex would have us believe.

Not in Portland. Portland Center Stage devotes …



Because the past is just a goodbye

"Emmett" (2013)/Blake Andrews, at Blue Sky Gallery

I’ve known about Blake Andrews for many years. He is a force to be reckoned with in the world of photography, particularly because of his minimally titled blog, B. Steeped in the history of and a dialog about photography, …

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