Welcome to the 3-dot…

Frank Boyden, 2003, "Uncle Skulky is accosted by a few of his demons"
Drypoint, spitbite, hand colored, 16.75" x 14.25"

I have always loved the old “three dot” column, a staple of the daily newspaper in olden times, which allowed the writer to jump from news item to news item quickly. We’re wondering if we can adapt it to modern …



At Post5, the comedy’s the thing

From left: Jessica Tidd, Chip Sherman, Trri Paddleford, Jim Vadela, Tom Walton. Photo: Russell J Young


If Shakespeare and his inner Falstaff wanted to create a play for everyone, his democratizing agent would be a joyful and laughing audience, ready for any bet. In spring, the daffodils are nodding their heads, tulips are …



Ballet 422: dancing on the screen

Justin Peck in a scene from "Ballet 422." Photo courtesy Magnolia Pictures.

“We didn’t have money for anything,” Todd Bolender said in an interview about the making of his ballet Souvenirs.  Bolender was a founding member of New York City Ballet, in 1948; his Mother Goose, in which he …



Weekend Music Watch

Ethan Sperry leads the Oregon Repertory Singers in highly recommended concerts this weekend.

Drawn from our monthly music calendar, here are some classical and contemporary music highlights happening in Oregon this weekend.

In Mulieribus
April 24, St. Stephen’s Catholic Church, 1112 SE 41st Street, Portland, and April 26, Proto-Cathedral of St. James, …



‘Impact,’ Take 2: Ballet with a future

"Instinctual Confidence," from left: Michael Linsmeier, Brian Simcoe, Xuan Cheng, Martina Chavez, Candace Bouchard, Makino Hayashi, Chauncey Parsons, Ye Li, Eva Burton. Photo: Blaine Truitt Covert


There is nothing dry and dusty about Impact, the program topping off Oregon Ballet Theatre’s 25th season. After last Friday night’s performance I was making my way out of the Newmark when I heard …



Nice Work! #5 Doug McCune’s “Under the Surface”


Artist: Doug McCune

Title: “Under the Surface”

Medium: Lasercut wood

Gallery: Diode

Show: Deviant Cartography, inaugural solo exhibition, April 2015 by appointment

The Artist On The Work:

“San Francisco is presented as a …

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