This is not TBA. This is Art&Leisure, a pop-up exhibition by curator of the late, great Car Hole Gallery, Sam Korman. This Saturday, September 10 from 12-5 PM, Korman & co take over Colonel Summers Tennis Court at SE 20th and Belmont for an exhibition (and 1 PM tennis match) with work by Darja Bajagić, Amy Bernstein, Chase Biado, Zoë Clark, Alex Dolan, Alex Felton, Margaret Lee, Israel Lund, Grant McGavin, Nick Raffel, Travess Smalley, Amy Yao.  GAME ON.

McEnroe, the 1st wipe out of the match. Borg gets the volley and McEnroe dives for it. He has fallen down on the left of your screen and Borg just bunts it for the winner. 6 all. Tiebreak now comes into operation. McEnroe will serve 1st. I don’t know if you can chew while you’re having your lunch or your breakfast or whatever it is that you do this time of day, but this is the lingering death tiebreaker. First to 7. McEnroe serves the 1st point, each player serves 2 points hereafter, you must have a margin of 2. The tiebreaker that could decide it. Their last match against one another was decided by a tiebreaker in New York in January. Borg won it. Miss hit and it scores! Come back from 40-15. 2 points to 1 for Borg. The serve will go to McEnroe. McEnroe giving the choke sign here. Will you please try to be quiet during a tiebreak game, so the word from Peter Harfy, he wants silence. It’s hard to be quiet in a match like this. Foot fault judge, George Armstrong races up and down the court to keep pace with the servers. McEnroe serving, 2 points to 1 for Borg. That’s the volley! I can’t believe he tried that shot. 2 points all. He makes it so well! It’s in his arsenal. Just after 5:00. 2 points all. 3 points to 2 for McEnroe. The long serve and Borg hesitates. Remember at Wimbledon there is no tiebreak in the 5th set. But you’ve got to get there. McEnroe has a play here in the 4th set. Wide! And Borg with a drop volley. Not his style. Not as good as McEnroe’s, but you change ends after every six points. Borg to serve one more point. The pressure is enormous. John McEnroe Sr. who could beat the boy until he was about 12, he says. 3 points all. Borg still going to the backhand side in the deuce court. Long. 4 points to 3 for Borg and the serve goes to McEnroe. How would you like to serve these points. McEnroe takes a deep breath. He’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders. 4 points all! Great first serve and hooks him wide. Lets on the line, 2 serves. 4 all in the tiebreaker. And the 1st serve break! With that lethal backhand. McEnroe comes up and flicks his wrist here with the ad volley, steps in. McEnroe lunges but can’t reach it. 5 points to 4 for Borg. The match is on his racquet with 2 points to serve. McEnroe trying to take it to 7. McEnroe! 5 points all. Look at that determination, guts in McEnroe’s face. His father said he gets aggravated only because he wants to win so badly. So, Borg takes himself to another stand against point, but so does McEnroe. McEnroe has already saved 2 of them. Against Borg’s serve. 6 points to 5  for Borg. The serve to McEnroe. This is the 3rd match championship point. 2nd serve. Oh John McEnroe may have pulled his arm out its socket to get that one! And they will change ends again. Watch Borg step around and he hits his favorite shot to Borg and McEnroe barely gets his racquet on it. And holds. And Borg with reapers stroke again, has 7 points to 6 and this time Borg has the serve. Match point number 4 for Borg. It’s here again for him. No. John McEnroe says, No, and Borg’s got his 1st time down. 7 points all. The level of tennis just keeps getting higher and higher. 7 points all. John McEnroe! John Patrick McEnroe Jr. out of Queens has taken the lead 8 points to 7. He has ripped away 4 match points from Bjorn Borg. And now he will serve with a set point to get even…and McEnroe again says, No.
–Bjorn Borg v. John McEnroe, Wimbledon Final (1980) 1-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-7 (16-18), 8-6

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