Eva Lake interviews Lisa Radon on KBOO about words and art

Pat Boas' Breathing isn't part of Lisa Radon's "Reading.Writing." but other work by the artist is included.

Oregon Arts Watch regular Lisa Radon talked to Eva Lake on her Art Focus show on KBOO about a show Radon has created for galleryHOMELAND (in the Ford Building, 2505 SE 11th, corner of SE 11th and Division). The show, which opens Friday, is about reading, writing, texts and artmaking, and how all of these things are part of the same activity, at least potentially. But Radon and Lake can explain it far better than anyone else, so click the link to hear all about it.

Here is the list of artists involved in the show:

  • Abra Ancliffe
  • Lindsay AuCoin
  • derek beaulieu (Calgary)
  • Justin Bland
  • Pat Boas
  • Sean Joseph Patrick Carney
  • Patrick Collier
  • Carmen Denison
  • Emily Ginsburg
  • Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen
  • Sarah Greig (Montreal)
  • Sydney S. Kim
  • Sam Korman
  • Katarina Petrović (Belgrade)
  • McIntyre Parker (San Francisco)
  • Lisa Radon
  • Helen Reed
  • Namita Gupta Wiggers

And here is the press release explanation of the show:

Reading.Writing. is an exhibition about the intersections between the practices of reading and writing and art making. It is the möbius strip where writing is a kind of reading is a kind of writing ∞. On August 5, 2011 Reading.Writing. opens at galleryHOMELAND, the Ford Building (2505 SE 11th, corner of SE 11th and Division), with a reception from 6-9 PM. The exhibition includes work by 18 artists from Portland, San Francisco, Calgary, Belgrade, and Montreal working in video, print, paint, sculpture, embroidery, photography, and publication. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue with an essay from Anne Marie Oliver and a poem by David Abel.

These artists (and the poets among them) variously may employ reading as excavation where words are readymades. They may approach writing (or erasing) as drawing, as a way of drawing out, thinking-through, as enactment. They know that the edit and the metaphor are perhaps where writing and reading have the greatest overlap with the rest of art. For the artists of Reading.Writing. reading may be an act of divination, of taking a reading. It may be an act of categorization, a way of making sense (or nonsense). It may be reading into the meanings of the meanings of words we read. Writing may be translation (into word or alternate symbol). For these artists reading and writing can be about everything but the meaning of the words or even the words themselves.

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