Wednesday am: We link around (not the same old strip)

Just a few things that caught the eye:

  • Portland writer Vanessa Veselka’s new book, “Zazen,” gets a nod from the editor of the LA Review of Books, after he takes a big rip at the LA Times and the newspaper biz in general. Ouch!
  • While we’re focused on books, here’s a link to 60 books that have meant something to Jennifer Egan (“Visit from the Goon Squad”), who is one smart character.
  • While Portland has had its own summer of new music, Matthew Guerrieri reports from the five days of the Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music. (Two different reports for two different outlets — interesting to compare.
  • A new site for independent theater scripts, Indie Theater Now, launched this week, allowing access to a library of plays for a very small fee, some of which goes to the playwrights involved. Good idea. Very New York centric.
  • The website of the Right Brain Initiative (full disclosure: I’m a volunteer) has a section called Brain Food, which is dedicated to projects that encourage creativity in kids (and yes, adults). It has some good ideas, and it wants your best ideas, too!
  • The venerable (founded in 1974) Art Media has been sold to a larger chain, Blick Art Materials, hq-ed in Galesberg, Ill. Immediate plans include creating a “superstore” in downtown (Art Media also has outlets in Happy Valley and Beaverton) with three-to-five times more merchandise than the present one.

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