Wednesday cup: rehearsal time, symphony deficit, sweet and silly sauce

How much rehearsal for a play is too much rehearsal? Well, maybe that all depends… on dozens of factors. Still, the Guardian has asked the question, because practices in Great Britain, where rehearsal ends on press night, and the Continent, where rehearsals can continue through the run of a show, are so different. (Professional theater in the U.S. resembles the British model.)  Some of the comments are interesting, too.  (The Guardian)

The Pittsburgh Symphony finished its fiscal year with a $1.3 million deficit (on a budget that was a little more than $31 million in 2009, according to its 2010 financial report). The symphony’s musicians have already agreed to a 9.7 percent salary cut and pension adjustments, which will save the orchestra around $1.6 million next year and $2 million the following year. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Chinese artist and rights activist Ai Weiwei has a show at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and LA Times art critic Christopher Knight calls the collection of large heads of zodiac animals “sweet and silly,” but then he starts dissecting things and finds a lot more at stake. (LA Times)

The Clyfford Still Museum in Denver, designed by Portland’s Allied Works and due to open in November, is selling four Still paintings to help fund its operating expenses going forward. The Denver City Council chose Sotheby’s auction house to do the selling, which has aggravated Christie’s auction house no end. (Denver Post)

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