ArtsWatch Weekly: Keeping the beat going

It's year-end donation time. Help us keep the arts clock ticking. Also: Whole lotta holiday shows goin' on.


Giving that’s too good to be true

Astoria’s Liberty Theatre will receive $8,685 from the Oregon Cultural Trust in 2020 to develop a marketing plan, including redesigning the theatre’s website, with a goal of increasing ticket sales and overall revenue. Photo courtesy: Liberty Theatre

Donations to the Oregon Cultural Trust are a painless way to fund the arts. But you have to act by Dec. 31



The Right Brain for learning

The revolutionary mission of an innovative program in the schools: to transform learning through the arts.


Spaces: At Shop La Familia hip hop digs in

The Art of Space: Shop La Familia was started by Swiggle Mandela as an outpost for hip hop in a hostile city.



ZooZoo, straight from the polar bear’s mouth

What makes Imago's critter spectacular such a cool treat? An inside-the-costume source tells all.


DramaWatch: Holidays for days!

The week in theater offers more Christmas shows than you can shake a candy cane at!



MusicWatch Holidays: Naughty and nice

Tony Starlight. Photo by Dave Degroot.

Ho ho ho! Oregon First Winter is fully upon us: the snow…


Embracing creativity

This week, singer-songwriter-composer Gabriel Kahane arrived in Portland to start his position…



December DanceWatch: Rhyming couplets rule!

December dance in Portland and the rest of the state gets its holiday on, and we've got the guide to all those Sugar Plum Fairies.


Dance preview: Restaging two great Merce Cunningham dances

Robert Swinston talks about restaging two of Merce Cunningham's masterworks of the '90s, "BIPED" and "Beach Birds."



Art on the Road: Kollwitz in L.A.

An expansive exhibit at the Getty gets to the grit of the great German modernist's life and work.


‘No Human Involved’: Art by sex workers tells a complex story

The "Human Involved: The Fifth Annual Sex Workers’ Art Show" turns the tables on a dehumanizing term and allows very human sex worker artists to speak.



Hank Willis Thomas: How to unmake race

Hank Willis Thomas’s retrospective asks us to consider the mechanisms that conspired to make race so we can unmake it in the future.


Photo First: Profiles in Gender

Photographer Dee Moore tells the tales of 10 artists (including herself) outside the binary norm.



The art of giving, large and small

Giving isn't just an action but a process, as big as a sea lion and as small as a salmonberry.


The medium is the mask

Fernando Rodriguez submitted nine photos of anger for the Universal Feeling show. Photo by: David Bates

The Chehalem Cultural Center fills its galleries with masks by Tony Fuemmeler and other artists.

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