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Annual Report 2022-2023

For the Fiscal Year July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023

ArtsWatch has come a long way since its Wild West blogging days of a dozen years ago, when a few writers provided content for free just to keep arts journalism alive. Since then we have grown dramatically, with 68 people contributing to our coverage this year. Add board members, community partners, sponsors, funders, and donors, and an enormous community takes shape, all committed to a flourishing trade that in turn supports the entire creative community. 

It’s an extraordinary success story, considering how media outlets big and small continue to collapse, and cultural coverage in particular is not flourishing elsewhere and is growing more rare all the time. We are now recognized as one of the few organizations in the country that specialize in arts journalism. 

It’s also a testament to how much this work is valued and how it fills a critical need. 

We grew tremendously this past year, as this annual report shows. In it, in addition to highlights of our year, you can also read our capacity-building plan, a blueprint to grow and strengthen our organization in the next few years. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Oregon ArtsWatch in 2022-23 and made our essential arts journal possible. It’s a privilege to serve our community.

Read the full report below.


In fall 2022, we launched a hugely successful capacity-building initiative, which is helping us meet our growing needs in serving the community. 

  • 64% increase of overall revenue over the previous year.
  • 74 sponsors, doubling that revenue from the previous year. We donated $37,000 and provided $30,000 in trade to cultural organizations.
  • 63 people we economically supported.
  • 96% of our budget goes to pay people.
  • 744 stories published.
  • 270,780 users.
  • 473,498 page views.
  • 5.1 million Google impressions.

Read our 2021-2022 annual report.

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