ArtsWatch Weekly

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Sing a song of Dante

ArtsWatch Weekly: A musical trip in a funhouse mirror, talking about "Lorelei," creative laureates & more.

Tim & Samie: A rare partnership

ArtsWatch Weekly: An enduring friendship; new opera leader; Ursula K. Le Guin's stamp of approval; more.

Live shows & Hunter Biden’s art

ArtsWatch Weekly: Performances all over; a presidential son and the art market; a hoop star's big art gift.

A century of Oregon painters

ArtsWatch Weekly: A dive into the state's art history; farewell to Carlton Jackson; guts, glory & opera; more

Chamber music comes out to play

ArtsWatch Weekly: Chamber Music Northwest enters the concert hall, shakeup at OBT, summer of soul.

Sweltering days & shady places

ArtsWatch Weekly: Beating the heat, 'Frida' at last, Creative Laureate x 2, hip-hop dynamo & more.

Getting better all the time. Right?

ArtsWatch Weekly: Billionaires & struggling artists; the way we look at things; Metallica & the symphony.

What you see & what you get

ArtsWatch Weekly: Photographic tales of Black Portland; picturing Pride; symphony's new chief; more.

$1.1 million for poets laureate

ArtsWatch Weekly: Oregon laureate has projects for the money. Plus: Classical Up Close, theater, egg art, more.

Vanport Mosaic’s flood of memories

ArtsWatch Weekly: A festival to remember, theater heats up, All Classical leaps forward, Chachalu steps up.

The arts moment: back, or ahead?

ArtsWatch Weekly: We're emerging, but into what? The culture, and the arts world, consider the possibilities.

Ready or not, live shows on the way

ArtsWatch Weekly: As Oregon begins to open up, live performances get ready to join the crowd, indoors & out.

Stage moms storm the gates

ArtsWatch Weekly: Storm Large and 3 Leg Torso make a movie, Chamber Music NW goes live, the Joy of words.

Oscars, books, and strange things

ArtsWatch Weekly: Oscars, Oregon Book Awards, operatic triumph, strange tales and a stranger firing.

Derek Chauvin, George Floyd & the art of crisis

ArtsWatch Weekly: Portland Oscar nod; Dawson Carr's big day; dance dive; laureate speaks; big BRAVO.

The eyes have it: Art of the camera

ArtsWatch Weekly: Photography gets (beyond) real, art museum reshuffles, Ashland's indie film fest.

The race is on. Ready for live events?

ArtsWatch Weekly: Ready or not, things are opening. Plus Lillian Pitt & Friends, opera breaks out, poetry time.

In praise of Ramona & ‘Lonesome Dove’

ArtsWatch Weekly: Remembering Beverly Cleary, Larry McMurtry, and composer Stephen Scott; revolutions & the way things change.

On belonging: The art of remembering

ArtsWatch Weekly: Amid a time of violence in America, art that remembers its roots and looks beyond.

Dramatic? It’s like an opera out there

ArtsWatch Weekly: Where's Frida; how to (maybe) reopen; farewell to Ross McKeen; puppets, comics, and more.