Georgina Ruff

Georgina Ruff is an art historian of modern and contemporary art and technology. Her interests in the conservation of obsolescing media and immersive installations have led her on explorations of 60's era light shows, Bauhaus illuminations, histories of fluorescent light bulbs, and contemporary spatial politics of object-less art works.


Art outside: Hiking boots optional but recommended

Ashland's Schneider Museum of Art presents "Art Beyond," an exhibition of outdoor installations that encourages viewers to lace up their hiking boots.

An “art adventure,” Art Beyond moves art out of the white cube and into a variety of scenic locations in and around Ashland, Oregon. Viewers of the show can choose adventure levels ranging from the literal bunny slope of a ski resort to the “black diamond” of winding mountain roads. Director of the Schneider Museum of Art and Art Beyond curator Scott Malbaurn’s long held vision of an off-site exhibition of outdoor installations meshes well with Covid restrictions and appeals to both residents and tourists of this outdoorsy-artsy town – where kayaks and mountain bikes adorn many of the AWD drive vehicles parked at the Shakespeare-themed Bed-and-Breakfasts. 

While three of the installation sites require significant (and picturesque) drives into the surrounding mountains, the two in-town sites, at ScienceWorks Hands-on Museum and Lithia Park, offer easy accessibility. In total, 24 artists installed works at five locations around Ashland; time, weather, and stamina will dictate each viewer’s experience – this article offers a small sample of the wider field(s).