Black Music Matters

Darrell Grant's 'Sanctuaries' with Third Angle New Music. Photo by Intisar Abioto.

‘Sanctuaries’: An opera to inspire action

The new musical drama from Third Angle delves into gentrification and its cost to Black communities.

‘Sanctuaries’: Tale of Displacement

Third Angle premieres an opera inspired by gentrification's damage to Portland's Black community.

Lara Downes: Beauty in the Darkness

A California pianist and activist brings music and an urgent sense of the present to the Oregon Bach Festival.

Radio Rejuvenation

Portland's All Classical Radio moves to bring more diverse music to more diverse audiences.

Black Music Matters, Vol. 3: Smell the roses

"There’s a lot this country needs to explore, and understand, and comprehend about itself. Transformation--that’s what 'Revolution' is about."

Black Music Matters, Volume Two: Multiples

Matthew Neil Andrews on the joy of following Machado Mijiga, plus Joe Henderson, Bobby McFerrin, Freddie Hubbard & more.

Black Music Matters, Volume One: Black Messiahs

In Black History Month, a good time to freshen up and start a new tradition of seeking out and hearing Black music.