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Art as Witness: Quilting a slave’s story

In the exhibition “Ms. Molly’s Voice” at the Columbia Gorge Museum, a collection of family quilts reveals beauty, pain, remembrance, and secret signs along the Underground Railroad.

Gordon’s Fireplace Shop: Questions

Eyesore or art? Landmark or blight? Photographer K.B. Dixon gets up close with the paintings and graffiti scrawls on an abandoned building that Portland’s City Council has voted to foreclose on.

Hillsboro Pride Party: A rainbow rises

During Pride Month, Oregon’s fifth largest city celebrates openness and diversity amid recognition that the quest to overcome fear and repression is far from over.

Yes says no to gender stereotypes

Artist Phyllis Yes’s paintings of a man doing housework in the buff, banned from a church gallery, find a new home – and after a half-century, her nude model comes clean.

Man in blue shirt fashioning a small, soft sculpture in hot pink

Creating magic at North Pole Studio

North Pole Studio’s mission is to “increase opportunities for artists with autism and intellectual / developmental disabilities to thrive as active members of the art community.” Hannah Krafcik explores what makes North Pole Studio tick.

The Cultural Landscape: Part 15

Photographer K.B. Dixon continues his series of cultural profiles with portraits of visual artist Chris Chandler, Miller Foundation leader Carrie Hoops, Caldera leader Kimberly Howard Wade, and writers Evan Morgan Williams and Steven L. Moore.

Artists' booths arranged under the massive Corinthian columns of the historic National Building Museum in Washington, DC. Photo: courtesy of the Smithsonian Craft Show.

Oregon craft artists on the national stage

Three Oregon artists were selected for the 2024 Annual Smithsonian Craft Show, the country’s most prestigious juried show and sale of contemporary American craft.

Vanport Mosaic’s flood of events

The ninth annual festival remembers the flood that wiped out the city of Vanport on Memorial Day 1948 and carries the vanished city’s history and vital cultural significance into the present.

PSU doubles down on its performance hall bid

The university’s revised design proposal for a Keller Auditorium replacement offers two venues in one: a Keller-sized 3,000-seat hall and a versatile 1,200-seat companion space.

Elbow Room takes on the contemporary art scene

A pair of “sister shows” at Elbow Room and ILY2 showcase a talented group of artists and the ingenuity of the close-knit community of the Portland art scene. The artists all work out of Elbow Room’s SE Portland studio and gallery.

birds perched on a fir branch

R. Bruce Horsfall’s feathers and fauna

The exhibition at the Oregon Historical Society features Horsfall’s meticulous illustrations of birds from the Pacific Coast. Horsfall was a member of the Oregon Audubon Society and inspired by the artistic endeavors of the organization’s namesake, John James Audubon.

Bobby Bermea: Ken Yoshikawa, man on a mission

The Portland poet, actor and playwright, whose “From a Hole in the Ground” has just opened in a co-production from Corrib and Alberta House, is “interested in breaking the rules of reality.”

Detail from Norman Rockwell's 1943 "April Fool cover" for The Saturday Evening Post

PuzzleWatch: April Fools

Celebrate a slightly belated April Fools’ Day with a fittingly foolish crossword puzzle.

In Ashland, a pair of winners at OSF

The intimate solo shows “Smote This” and “Shakespeare and the Alchemy of Gender” dive compellingly into soulful matters – and they run at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival only into May.

OSU’s new cultural hub throws a party

The university swings open the doors of its new $75 million PRAx arts and performance hall and kicks off a creative space for students, artists, and the surrounding community.

Ned Blackhawk and the Rediscovery of America

Blackhawk, winner of a 2023 National Book Award for his history of Native life in the U.S. and its historical misrepresentation, speaks in the Oregon Historical Society’s Hatfield Lecture series.

Corvallis’s PRAx of life opens its doors

OSU’s new performance and exhibition space, a busy hub of activity from morning to evening, brings a chance to transform how people see the university – and it has an open house April 6.

The Cultural Landscape: Part 14

K.B. Dixon’s cultural-portrait series continues with black & white images of novelist Lydia Kiesling, actor Charles Grant, multidisciplinary artist Emily Ginsburg, photographer Thibault Roland, and writer/editor Margaret Malone.

Exploring race through theater at The Reser

Recent productions “North” and Red Door Project’s “The Evolve Experience” highlight the Beaverton arts center’s socially responsive programming.

Liz Cheney on Jan. 6 and beyond

Speaking to a Hatfield Lecture Series audience about her book “Oath and Honor,” the former congresswoman talks about Putin, China, Israel/Hamas, Trump’s “Big Lie” and more.

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