FilmWatch Weekly: American Lives, from Pauli Murray to Tammy Faye Bakker to the ‘Blue Bayou’

In a trio of noteworthy new movies, the eyes (and the people behind them) have it.
Tara Kemp's "The Flower Vendor" is included in the Art About Agriculture show in the Chehalem Cultural Center.

Yamhill County calendar: Women, agriculture, diversity

Local galleries and theaters share common themes this fall.

Wound: A poem for Sept. 11

Leanne Grabel's poem, written two days after the terrorist attacks, captures the trauma and grief.

FilmWatch Weekly: Remembering Jean-Paul Belmondo & Michael K. Williams, plus new films

An appreciation of two great actors, plus a catfishing Juliette Binoche, a Hong Kong thriller, and more.

Q&A: Chris Ayzoukian, director of Beaverton’s new Reser arts center

The center's director talks about programming, inclusiveness, flexibility, and the rise of "surban" identity.

VR from Venice: Portland Art Museum Goes Back to the Future (with Mixed Results)

The virtual-reality extravaganza has bright moments, but is often brought down by ... technology.

Rising in Beaverton: West Gate

The Patricia Reser Center for the Arts, due to open in March 2022, gives Beaverton a stage and sense of place.

Making everything perfect

Kate Nason's memoir traces an emergence from bad marriages and the shadow of a president and a White House intern.

‘Sanctuaries’: Tale of Displacement

Third Angle premieres an opera inspired by gentrification's damage to Portland's Black community.

Opera, Albina, and Architecture

The director and composer discuss their new opera "Sanctuaries" and staging it outside Memorial Coliseum.

FilmWatch Weekly: Werner Herzog, POW Film Fest, socialism, and French romance

A feast of films by a legendary director of "indelibly weird classics"; return of a Portland women's film fest.

VizArts Monthly: TBA is here! Plus other happenings in September

Lindsay Costello has the inside scoop on September's arts offerings in her monthly column.

LitWatch September: Prompts, Poetry Readings, Live Performances, and PICA’s TBA:21

It’s TBA time! Amy Leona Havin checks out the literary side of PICA's festival and other book events.
Jane Mantiri. Photo by: Karen Weliky/The Immigrant Story

Jane Mantiri: Coming full circle at last

The immigrant founder of Advance Gender Equity in the Arts says she often did not fit in – until she found theater.

FilmWatch Weekly: Bloody ‘Candyman,’ COVID drama ‘Together,’ and more

A remake of a 1992 horror flick strikes a vein of fear and blood in the long history of American racial violence.

Judith Barrington: Literary force and feminist pioneer

Poet, teacher, memoirist and activist Judith Barrington talks about her career with ArtsWatch's Amy Leona Havin.
“I have never taken a poetry class,” Bethany Lee says. “Looking back, that’s really true of other parts of my life: learning by practice. Putting our sailboat in the water and just start sailing, you know?” Photo by: Bee Joy España

Bethany Lee: ‘The more I wrote poetry, the more it formed me’

The poet and Quaker minister talks about her books, hospice work, and the connection between poetry and science.

Rhonda P. Hill and the EDGE of Design

Stage & Studio: A conversation with leading design figure Hill about the history of fashion by Black designers.

Street Photography Day: Shots seen ’round the world

On Street Photography Day, Portland photographer K.B. Dixon celebrates the art of capturing the moment.

FilmWatch Weekly: ‘CODA,’ ‘Barbara Lee: Speaking Truth to Power,’ and ‘Cryptozoo’

"From the get-go, the portrayal of this family feels as authentic as any glimpse into deaf culture I’ve seen on screen."