DanceWatch Weekly: Mid-TBA

It’s mid-TBA and there is still so much to see and do! If you’re just tuning in, TBA, or Time-Based Art, is the Portland Institute For Contemporary Art’s yearly festival of performances, workshops, artist talks, visual art exhibitions, music performances, and after-hours parties. This year’s 11-day festival, spread out to venues across the city, is inherently interdisciplinary and features local, national and international artists coming from as far away as Singapore, Morocco, and France.

Jamuna Chiarini

Earlier in the festival ArtsWatcher Nim Wunnan caught Korean performer Dohee Lee’s work MU/巫; a piece based in Korean shamanism that combines technology, ritual, and the sounds of drumming and voice that explores myth as the thread that “connects us to our lands, nature, history, belief systems, and to each other.” You can read his in-depth review here.

Closing tonight Is Dead Thoroughbred by Portland artists keyon gaskin and sidony o’neal. If you’re interested in hearing about the process and concept behind this new performance project, join them in conversation at 12:30 p.m. today (Wednesday, Sept. 13) with scholars Sampada Aranke and Kemi Adeyemi at PNCA (Pacific Northwest College of Art). Wunnan also reviewed Dead Thoroughbred and you can read about his experience seeing the performance here.

Thank You For Coming: Play by New York choreographer Faye Driscoll opens Wednesday night. Driscoll is interested in the audience performer relationship and the continuous information loop that happens between them. Driscoll will be in conversation with dance scholar Rachel Carrico about her process on Thursday the 14th at PCNA.

Also opening Thursday is Bunny, by Australian dance artists Luke George and Daniel Kok, which explores the audience/performer relationship through a series of ropes and knots and the world of bondage.

Direct Path To Detour, Single Focus, by Portland dance artist Takahiro Yamamoto,
opens Friday night and is the third installment of his trilogy work which also includes a book, and focuses on identity and its inherent complexities.

Billy Elliot the musical opens this week as well; a circus/dance-theatre performance by Seattle-based Acrobatic Conundrum will grace Portland; Cirque Du Soleil’s Kurios: Cabinet Of Curiosities continues; and a one-on-one dance battle with ADAPT accompanied by some amazing DJ’s will take place on Saturday night.

Portland’s wonderful and varied dance offerings continue. What’s on your dance card this week?

Performances this week

keyon gaskin and sidony o’neal in Dead Thoroughbred. Photo courtesy of the Portland Institute For Contemporary Art.

keyon gaskin and sidony o’neal with Sampada Aranke and Kemi Adeyemi (TBA:17 Institute)
12:30 pm September 13
PNCA, Mediatheque, 511 NW Broadway
As part of TBA’s Institute, a program created to further dialogue around projects, Sampada Aranke, assistant professor of art history, theory, and criticism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Kemi Adeyemi, assistant professor of gender and sexuality studies at the University of Washington in Seattle, will speak with Dead Thoroughbred artists sidony o’neal and keyon gaskin about the process, concept, collaboration around their new TBA performance project.

Dead Thoroughbred (World Premiere) (TBA:17)
keyon gaskin and sidony o’neal
8:30 pm September 13
PICA at Hancock Annex, 20 NE San Rafael St
The description below is quoted from PICA’s website.

DT is peri-conceptual, dis-experimental, and a-nihilist.
DT is a blackened performance that is never not happening.
DT is après-queer and post-ratchet.
DT is anti anti-capital capital.
DT is heavy evasion– worthless.
DT is useless currency devoid of value and wide in circulation.
DT has null intention and null extension.
DT is dead frivolous af.
DT is detrital presence; an exhaustion of lack.
DT is at least sidony o’neal and keyon gaskin.
keyon gaskin prefers not to contextualize their art with their credentials.
sidony o’neal was born and raised in South Sacramento, CA.

The deep-sea creatures of Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities. Photo by Martin Girard

Kurios: Cabinet Of Curiosities
Cirque Du Soleil
September 13-October 8
Portland Expo Center, 2060 N Marine Dr
This fantastical big-top performance draws the viewer into the mysterious curio cabinet of an ambitious inventor who defies the laws of science, reinventing the world around him. Out of his cabinet comes a wacky cast of characters: quirky robots, underwater creatures, a human accordion, and contortionist sea creatures. What is “visible becomes invisible, perspectives are transformed, and the world is literally turned upside down.”

Thank you For Coming: Play by Faye Driscoll. Photo courtesy of the Portland Institute For Contemporary Art.

Thank You For Coming: Play (West Coast Premiere) (TBA:17)
Faye Driscoll
September 13-14
Imago Theatre, 17 S.E. Eighth Ave.
In the second installment of her Thank You for Coming series, New York choreographer Faye Driscoll uses a collage of gesture, image, voice, and persona “to explore human reliance on stories to relate to one another and form identities as individuals and citizens.” Driscoll is a Bessie Award-winning choreographer and director “whose work is rooted in an obsession with the problem of being ‘somebody’ in a world of other ‘somebodies’.”

Faye Driscoll in conversation with Rachel Carrico (TBA:17 Institute)
12:30 pm September 14
PNCA, Mediatheque, 511 NW Broadway
Choreographer Faye Driscoll shares her creative process, collaboration with dancers, audience and artist co-creation, and the underlying themes and concepts that drive the Thank You for Coming series with Rachel Carrico, PhD, dance faculty fellow, at the University of Oregon.

Bunny by Luke George and Daniel Kok. Photo courtesy of the Portland Institute For Contemporary Art.

Bunny (TBA:17)
Luke George and Daniel Kok
September 14-17
Portland’5, Brunish Hall, 1111 S.W. Broadway
Contemporary dance artists George and Kok “explore boundaries of desire, trust, consent and communion between artist and audience” using ropes and knots, sometimes as a metaphor and sometimes knot. “Bunny is a nickname given to the person being tied in rope bondage. In this work, we ask ourselves this question: What if everyone (in the theater) is a Bunny?”

Takahiro Yamamoto’s Direct Path to Detour, Single Focus. Photo courtesy of the Portland Institute For Contemporary Art.

Direct Path To Detour, Single Focus (World Premiere) (TBA:17)
Takahiro Yamamoto
September 15-16
PICA at West End, 415 S.W. 10th Ave, Suite 300
Direct Path To Detour, Single Focus, a solo by Portland dance artist Taka Yamamoto, the third installment of a trilogy work, will be performed in the round accompanied by live electronic sound design by sound artist sidony o’neal. It will explore dance as a fully embodied physical and mental experience that contains value systems, social pressures, expectations, and the embodied personal experiences of the performers and their multiple societies of birth, residence, upbringing, and religion. Some of these things we can clearly articulate, others we can’t. But we definitely carry them all with us, all the time.

Yamamoto, originally from Shizuoka, Japan, holds an MFA in visual studies from Pacific Northwest College of Art and works in live performance, sculpture, and photography. He is one-quarter of the Portland-based group Physical Education with Allie Hankins, keyon gaskin, and Lu Yim.

Love and Gravity
Acrobatic Conundrum
September 16-17
Echo Theater Company, 1514 SE 37th Ave.
Founded in 2012 by Seattle artist Terry Crane, Acrobatic Conundrum presents Love and Gravity, a blend of circus skills, dance and physical theater that explores the multiple ways that we find love, support and partnership in a minimal environment for six performers.

Billy Elliot The Musical
September 16-October 1
Presented by Pixie Dust Productions and the Hasson Company, Portland’5
September 16 – October 1, 2017
Newmark Theatre, 1111 SW Broadway Ave.
Based on the award-winning film Billy Elliot, this Pixie Dust Production directed by Portland musical-theater veteran Greg Tamblyn with choreography by Erin Shannon, follows 11-year old Billy Elliot on his journey from boxing to ballet during the 1984 miners strike in Northern England. The storyline pushes against male gender stereotypes, making way for new expressions of masculinity in a hyper-masculine setting.

ADAPT Dance Celebration 1v1 Open Styles (do it your way) dance battle
Hosted by GAAN and ADAPT
4 pm September 16
Disjecta, 8371 N Interstate Ave.
Improvisation in performance at its best! ADAPT brings all dance styles into one circle, for one night only in this one-on-one dance battle. This all-day dance event starts early with dance workshops taught by the ADAPT judges and continues into the evening with preliminary competitions at 5 pm and the main competition at 6 pm. The competition will be judged by Southern California dance innovator POPNTOD, international dancer/choreographer/judge Daniel Jerome, and celebrated b-boy Dufon Smith Orb. Curating the evening with good sound vibes will be Sean Lee, GAAN, and QUAZ, and Magicsean. For more information on class times and battle info visit ADAPT’s FaceBook event page.

Founded in 2015 by Ken Tran, “ADAPT is committed to connecting dancers of all backgrounds to inspire and further elevate the NW Dance community. Welcoming all experiences and walks of life under one roof to exchange through music and movement.”

Upcoming Performances

September 21, Portland Launch of Dancing Over 50 Book, Emmaly Wiederholt, Stance on Dance
September 21, Lessons in Drag with Lawhore Vagistan, Kareem Khubchandani, presented by Reed College Performing Arts
September 22, Fun Home, Portland Center Stage at The Armory
September 22, Carlyn Hudson Presents: Solos, and Not-Solos…(But Mostly Solos)
September 22, Critical Engagement Series: Wayne Bund / Feyonce, Flock
September 29-30, Diphylleia Grayi (Skeleton Flower) + Matriarch, Degenerate Art Ensemble and Mizu Desierto, presented by Mizu Desierto and Water In The Desert
September 29-30, Episode III, jin camou, Julia Calabrese, Mary Sutton, Leah Brown, a PWNW Alembic Co-Production
September 30, Katha – A Thematic Classical Dance Presentation w/ Live Music, presented by Kalakendra

October 5-7, Complexions, presented by White Bird
October 6-8, Mowgli – The Jungle Book Ballet, Eugene Ballet Company, Eugene
October 7, Dance Of The Hummingbirds, Jayanthi Raman and dancers
October 7-14, Rhapsody In Blue (World Premiere), choreography by Nicolo Fonte, performed by Oregon Ballet Theatre
October 11, Diálogos: An evening of flamenco conversation and performance, presented by Espacio Flamenco Portland
October 12-14, Paul Taylor Dance Company, presented by White Bird
October 13-14, The Northwest Screendance Exposition, directed by John Watson, presented by the University of Oregon Department of Dance, Eugene
October 19-21, Wen Wei Wang (World Premiere), Luca Signoretti (World Premiere), At Some Hour You Return by Jirí Pokorný, NW Dance Project
OCT 20-22, Abominable, Taylor A. Eggån and Daniel Addy
October 20-22, Uprise, Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater
October 22, Le Corsaire, Bolshoi Ballet in Cinema Live from Moscow
October 26, Cocktail Hour: The Show, choreography by Marilyn Klaus, presented by Seacoast Entertainment Association
October 26-November 5, Diva Practice (Solo), Kaj-anne Pepper
October 26-28, Dancenorth Australia, presented by White Bird
October 27-29, Nous, on va danser, Nancy Ellis
October 31, Opus Cactus, MOMIX, Eugene

November 3-5, Converge, PDX Contemporary Ballet
November 9-12, When We, Allie Hankins & Rachael Dichter, a PWNW Alembic Co-Production
November 15, The Hip Hop Nutcracker Featuring MC Kurtis Blow, Decadancetheatre
November 16-18, L-E-V, presented by White Bird
November 24-26, The Enchanted Toyshop by John Clifford, Tourbillon by Anne Mueller, performed by the PSU Orchestra and The Portland Ballet
November 26, The Taming Of The Shrew, Bolshoi Ballet in Cinema Live from Moscow
November 30-December 9, Lexicon (world premiere), BodyVox

December 7-9, Bolero, Ihsan Rustem, NW Dance Project
December 8-9, The Nutcracker with Chamber Ballet of Corvallis, Rainbow Dance Theatre, Corvallis
December 9-24, George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker, Oregon Ballet Theatre
December 13-17, a world, a world (work-in-progress), Linda Austin Dance, PWNW
December 17, The Nutcracker, Bolshoi Ballet in Cinema Live from Moscow
December 22-24, The Nutcracker with Orchestra Next, Eugene Ballet Company, Eugene

January 18-28, Fertile Ground Festival of New Work/Groovin’ Greenhouse
January 25-27, Rennie Harris Puremovement, presented by White Bird
January 28, Garden of Earthly Delights with Salem Concert Band (World premiere), Rainbow Dance Theatre, Independence

February 1-10, The skinner|kirk DANCE ENSEMBLE, presented by BodyVox
February 4, The Lady Of The Camellias, Bolshoi Ballet in Cinema Live from Moscow
February 17-18, Pink Martini, Eugene Ballet Company, Eugene
February 21, Mark Morris Dance Group, presented by White Bird
February 23-25, Configure, PDX Contemporary Ballet
February 24-March 4, Alice (in wonderland), choreography by Septime Webre, performed by Oregon Ballet Theatre

March 1-3, Urban Bush Women, presented by White Bird
March 4, The Flames Of Paris, Bolshoi Ballet in Cinema Live from Moscow
March 8-10, Jessica Lang Dance, presented by White Bird
March 14, Compañia Jesús Carmona, presented by White Bird
March 15-17, World Premiere’s by Sarah Slipper and Cayetano Soto, NW Dance Project
March 22-24, To Have It All, choreography by Katie Scherman, presented by BodyVox

April 4, iLumiDance, Rainbow Dance Theatre, Corvallis
April 5, Earth Angel and other repertory works, Rainbow Dance Theatre, Corvallis
April 5-7, Stephen Petronio Company, presented by White Bird
April 8, Giselle, Bolshoi Ballet in Cinema Live from Moscow
April 12-14, Contact Dance Film Festival, presented by BodyVox and Northwest Film Center
Apr 14-25, Peer Gynt with Orchestra Next, Eugene Ballet Company, Eugene
April 12-21, Man/Woman, choreography by Mikhail Fokine, Darrell Grand Moultrie, Nicolo Fonte, James Canfield, Jiří Kylián, performed by Oregon Ballet Theatre
April 24-25, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, presented by White Bird
April 24-25, The Wind and the Wild, BodyVox and Chamber Music Northwest

May 4-5, Current/Classic, The Portland Ballet
May 10-12, New work premiere, Rainbow Dance Theatre, Western Oregon University, Monmouth
May 10-19, Rain & Roses (world premiere), BodyVox
May 11-13, Compose, PDX Contemporary Ballet
May 16, Ballet Hispȧnico, presented by White Bird
May 23-June 3, Closer, original works by the dancers of Oregon Ballet Theatre

June 8-10, Up Close, The Portland Ballet
June 10, Coppelia, Bolshoi Ballet in Cinema Live from Moscow
June 14-16, World Premiere – Ihsan Rustem, MemoryHouse – Sarah Slipper, NW Dance Project
June 24, Salem World Beat, Rainbow Dance Theatre, Salem


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