May DanceWatch: Questions about the future

Oregon dance leaders talk about the long- and short-term future of dance. A little exasperation is involved.

DanceWatch: Pandemic downs and ups

How have dancers and choreographers negotiated the pandemic? Jamuna Chiarini tells her particular story.

DanceWatch: March hare edition

Though we long for the Olden Times, when dancers occupied the same rooms we did, we're still counting our blessings: 1) Spring awaits; 2) Dance online.

DanceWatch: Jan-bruary is the resilient month

We are still dancing, but mostly we are watching dance on screens. And we are getting better at it, too.

DanceWatch: Virtual Nutcrackers and Happy Hours

December dance bustles with a stocking full of Nutcrackers, Christmas Carols, and the odd Happy Hour.

DanceWatch Monthly: Focus on Linda Austin and Bobby Fouther

The veteran artists are exemplars of independent dance artists making successful careers in Portland.

DanceWatch Monthly: An armchair-travel guide to Oregon’s October dance performances

Dance starts to heat up after a slow pandemic summer. Jamuna Chiarini collects the fall colors for you.

DanceWatch: Let’s do the social-distance dance

DanceWatch discovers that dancers are dancing. Still. They're not likely to stop. We have the calendar to prove it!

August DanceWatch: Streaming right along

August is a busy dance month, with festivals galore. It just happens to be online – which has its advantages.

DanceWatch: Dear March, come in!

Oregon's dance month marches in like a lion, a tango, ballet, butoh, funk, fish, bootleggers and more.

DanceWatch Monthly: February is all about the love

All you need is love: Oregon's February dance calendar reflects on the many ways humans love.

DanceWatch Monthly: Marquee TV leaps into the void

DanceWatch Monthly is hoping that Marquee TV will fill the void in performing arts on your devices, whatever they may be.

December DanceWatch: Rhyming couplets rule!

December dance in Portland and the rest of the state gets its holiday on, and we've got the guide to all those Sugar Plum Fairies.

DanceWatch: a big yes to November

As a new season settles in, Oregon's dance calendar overflows with opportunities.

October DanceWatch: The moves get spooky

Dance to haunt the senses and call on spirits, from OBT to White Bird and beyond—way beyond.

DanceWatch Monthly: TBA gets it going

This year's Time-Based Art Festival is loaded with dance events. The rest of September's leaping with dance, too.

DanceWatch: August feast of fests

Native American, east Indian, bachata, bhangra, bellydance, Art in the Dark: It's a month to see and do.

Feria Portland. Photo by Mirifoto

DanceWatch Monthly: Finding a place in the world

Dance is a global affair this spring, a series of international alliances…

DanceWatch Monthly: April dance in full bloom

“And spring arose on the garden fair, Like the spirit of love…

DanceWatch: A rich cultural stew

Welcome to DanceWatch for March, the month that enters like a lion…