BRAVO Youth Orchestras: Social Change through Music

The Oregon affiliate of Venezuela’s famed El Sistema education system gives diverse students access to music education

In pre-COVID days, Ketzel Levine (far right) leads a discussion in the Wonder Garden. She says the garden has become the No. 1 gathering place in Manzanita for people who wanted to get together in masks. Photo courtesy: Ketzel Levine

Pulling back the curtain on Manzanita’s Wonder Garden

The Hoff Online program celebrates Manzanita Day with a talk by Ketzel Levine.

‘Pity Party’: This one’s for you

Portland writer Kathleen Lane and her smart new novel for middle schoolers turn the table on anxiety and spark creativity.

Composer Nicole Buetti and puppets. Photo courtesy of the comopser.

A Young Puppet’s Guide to the Orchestra

Put together a composer with a post-Halloween idea, a passel of puppets, and the Portland Columbia Symphony. Add YouTube and instruments. Voila!

Yuritzi Cuellar-Pacheco (left) and Gage Koceja, both Taft High School seniors

Seeing the self through the gray rectangle of Zoom

Lincoln City students blend art with technology to create self-portraits during a year of virtual learning.

The Art of Learning: KSMoCA adapts to the pandemic

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School Museum of Contemporary Art has faced a difficult year, but it has adapted to the pandemic and kept its students engaged.

Building Resiliency with the Arts

Portland's I Am MORE helps traumatized young people heal by sharing their stories

Striving to hit the low notes

Band students at Toledo Jr/Sr High School have their choice of instruments, but a tuba remains out of reach.

Golden Road Arts: Ready, set, pivot

An arts education nonprofit set out to film demonstrations in grade-school classrooms. Then came the pandemic.

Better together: Stage & school

Artists Rep and The Actors Conservatory join to create a new teaching and performing dynamic.

Remembering Bruce Browne

The Portland choral director and educator leaves a rich legacy in sounds and singers.

Crop of art by Evie S.

Storytelling without words

From pets to the pandemic, a Sitka Center project spurs discussion among second-graders about the year's events.

Portland Youth Philharmonic: Creative Response

Pandemic inspires youth orchestra to create a new music festival and commissioning…

Winter Count, Battiste Good, c 1821-1908, Denver Art Museum)

Marking a year, marking a change

Sitka Center brings a Native American tradition to elementary students.

In February, the Taft Jazz Band makes is last performance before going online due to the pandemic shutdown. Photo courtesy: Music Is Instrumental

Helping the bands play on

The Music is Instrumental program pays for mentors to keep music education alive in Lincoln County schools.

Out of isolation: teaching the arts

As Portland Public Schools teach long-distance, the district's arts teachers find creative ways to adapt.

Music Workshop: filling a void

A music-ed program that aids teachers globally is helping schools cope with the pandemic’s challenges.

Members of the Oregon Coast Council for the Arts’ Online Summer Drama Club meet twice weekly in preparation for their virtual performance later this month.

When the proscenium arch is a computer monitor

Technology challenges an online drama club, but the tradeoff is lessons in creativity and self-reliance.

Pandemic Ed: Dancing remotely and well

With studio dance classes on hold for the pandemic, dance teachers and their students have begun to adapt to the new reality: Zoom dance classes. It's working.

Play it Forward: restoring music education

This month's Virtual Supper Club supports pianist Michael Allen Harrison's program to bring music lessons to Oregon students.