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Enemies of the people? No.


MORE THAN THREE HUNDRED NEWSPAPERS AND OTHER PERIODICALS across the United States have published editorials in today’s editions denouncing President Trump’s continuing attacks on the news media, which he has repeatedly characterized as “enemies of the people.” The media campaign, coordinated by the Boston Globe, is a daring and in some quarters controversial, yet necessary, step. The political tactic of deliberately confusing the public about what is truth and what is a lie is deeply dangerous to the core values of the nation, and to make a public enemy of the institution that exists to bring truth into the public view is to, in fact, endanger the nation as a whole. We shouldn’t have to say this. Unfortunately, in the nation’s current extreme circumstances, we do. Freedom relies on a free and open press. A government that denies this is a government that denies the rights and freedoms of its own people. Unwarranted attacks on the value and necessity of the press degrade and imperil the culture itself. We at ArtsWatch stand with the publications that have taken this stand, and with the journalists who strive every day to publish and broadcast what is true in spite of intense pressures to hide the truth from them and shake the public’s confidence in them. We hope you’ll stand with them, too.


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  1. Anyone with an adult level of critical thinking skills/media literacy can see the liberal bias of mainstream media. I guess I’ll be getting my Oregon art news elsewhere since apparently this organization does as well.

    1. Anyone with an adult level of critical thinking skills/media literacy can see the constant assault on the institutions and practice of democracy by this administration. Freedom of the press is one of the pivot points of this assault. Where you get your Oregon arts news doesn’t change that fact one bit. It certainly doesn’t change our ongoing defense of the constitutional right that makes our activity possible. In fact, it increases our vigilance and determination.

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