Streamers: Vancouver’s Kiggins Theatre provides virtual options galore

Even with some in-house audience, the Kiggins is keeping a robust streaming-cinema system going.

Streamers: Oscar recap, theater updates, pics to click

What did and didn't work at the Oscars. Open-and-shut case at the theaters. Non-winners worth watching.

Poetry and video merge in the Cadence Festival

From a giant baby to dogs & birds, Amy Leona Havin dives into the sights & sounds of the Cadence Festival.

Portland director’s ‘Hunger Ward’ earns Oscar cred; films in theaters?

Streamers: Skye Fitzgerald’s documentary short about the war in Yemen chronicles a struggle to aid children caught in famine.

Ashland Film Festival celebrates the power of young people

Streamers: The indie fest rolls out a virtual and live-event 20th season with a lineup strong on documentaries.

The Endurance of The -Ism Project

How a monologue series about race, gender, and sexual identity leapt from stage to screen.

Streamers: Portland theaters’ reopening plans, Oscar-nominated shorts, French ski drama

Ready or not, movie theaters are starting to open again in time for the Oscars and summer blockbusters.

Streamers: A forgotten feminist filmmaker, and the stellar biography “Mike Nichols: A Life”

Celebrating the French director Nelly Kaplan; a vivid and engaging biography of a director-of-all-trades.

Profane documentaries about profound artists: “Wojnarowicz” & “F.T.A.”

Streamers: Marc Mohan goes to the movies from home and finds an F-load of features, plus some movie news.

‘Lilies’ Rising

How poet Joni Renee Whitworth transformed the pandemic experience into an experimental short film.

Streamers: PIFF continued, plus new discoveries on disc

Fresh picks from the virtual Portland International Film Fest; classic rediscoveries worth seeking out.

“Two Different Kinds of Love,” by Alyce Vest, won the Best First-Time Filmmaker Award.

And the winner is… the McMinnville Short Film Festival

Last month’s all-virtual festival receives rave reviews, and we tell you which films took home the honors.

Spotlighting the lives of Black Portlanders in the pandemic

Theater goes to the movies: "See Me," from Artist Rep’s DNA: Oxygen group, is premiering at the Film Festival.

Portland International Film Festival preview: 5 picks to click from (virtual) PIFF

Marc Mohan picks a handful of favorites from this year's 44th annual festival, much of which is online.

Streamers: ‘Nomadland’ and ‘Promising Young Woman’

In a strange Oscar season, virtuoso work by Frances McDormand and Carey Mulligan stands out.

still from Bodies Apart, Moving Together - Three figures in the middle of a road

‘One drop of water in the deep blue sea’

Jennifer Rabin was moved to tears by Sophia Wright Emigh and Jaleesa Johnston's project "Bodies Apart, Moving Together." A conversation about the pandemic, art, and finding connection.

Ludovic Houplain’s 2019 animated film, "My Generation," is an eight-minute drive down a freeway where the scenery is a glitzy panorama of capitalism, finance, surveillance, sports, politics, religion, and mindless entertainment.

McMinnville Short Film Festival: Good things in small packages

The 10-day festival starts this week, bringing 127 films, none longer than 20 minutes, to the comfort of your home.

Streamers: Cinema Unbound Awards, Andrei Tarkovsky, and Townes Van Zandt

PIFF plans, Cinema Unbound Awards, some indie highlights, a little M.C. Escher – and are theaters opening up?

"Becoming: Orlando Dugi" in McMinnville Short Film Festival

McMinnville Short Film Festival gets real

Documentaries play a big role in the festival, with particular focus on the environment and Native Americans.

Streamers: PIFF lineup, “What Happened Was,” and more

Marc Mohan's sneak peek at the Portland International Film Fest; the “Citizen Kane” of awkward first-date movies.