FilmWatch Weekly: Catching up with the Northwest Film Center

Director Amy Dotson is refreshing and reshaping the art museum's movie program, from Tik-Tok to rooftops.

FilmWatch Weekly: Portland’s ‘Pig,’ plus ‘Roadrunner’ & ‘Mama Weed’

Nicolas Cage amid the truffles; Anthony Bourdain for real; Isabelle Huppert in a darkly comic tale.

FilmWatch Weekly: Hollywood at Home with ‘No Sudden Move’ and ‘The Tomorrow War’

As the movie world opens up, a couple of made-for-big-screen features wind up on home screens instead.

Film Watch Weekly: The Heat Is On with ‘Summer of Soul’ and ‘Zola’

The revival of a landmark 1969 Harlem music festival is a brilliant cultural and artistic feat; theaters reopen doors.

Film Watch Weekly: “In the Heights,” Rita Moreno, and Sparks bring the tunes

Movie music's in the air with a trio of new releases, from celebrated to fascinating but little-known.

FilmWatch Weekly: Four debuts, with frights and delights, and one long-lost relic

Oh, the horror (and more): As movie houses begin to reopen, a mini-flood of fresh new films arrives.

Film Watch Weekly: A Saudi surprise, plus hot and cold running French movies

At the movies: A tale of liberation in Saudi Arabia; sizzling on the Riviera; extreme BASE jumping.

FilmWatch Weekly: Teenage auteur, Cruella De Vil, Tiny Tim, more!

Suzanne Lindon's "Spring Blossom" is a surprise in many ways; Disney's "Cruella" rings in the summer season.

Streamers: Vancouver’s Kiggins Theatre provides virtual options galore

Even with some in-house audience, the Kiggins is keeping a robust streaming-cinema system going.

Streamers: Oscar recap, theater updates, pics to click

What did and didn't work at the Oscars. Open-and-shut case at the theaters. Non-winners worth watching.

Streamers: Portland theaters’ reopening plans, Oscar-nominated shorts, French ski drama

Ready or not, movie theaters are starting to open again in time for the Oscars and summer blockbusters.

Streamers: A forgotten feminist filmmaker, and the stellar biography “Mike Nichols: A Life”

Celebrating the French director Nelly Kaplan; a vivid and engaging biography of a director-of-all-trades.

Streamers: PIFF continued, plus new discoveries on disc

Fresh picks from the virtual Portland International Film Fest; classic rediscoveries worth seeking out.

Streamers: ‘Nomadland’ and ‘Promising Young Woman’

In a strange Oscar season, virtuoso work by Frances McDormand and Carey Mulligan stands out.

Streamers: Cinema Unbound Awards, Andrei Tarkovsky, and Townes Van Zandt

PIFF plans, Cinema Unbound Awards, some indie highlights, a little M.C. Escher – and are theaters opening up?

Streamers: PIFF lineup, “What Happened Was,” and more

Marc Mohan's sneak peek at the Portland International Film Fest; the “Citizen Kane” of awkward first-date movies.

Streamers: “One Night in Miami” plus much more

Marc Mohan's movies-at-home column begins with "One Night in Miami," then heads for the hills.

Streamers: Cinematic pleasures for your enjoyment

Sometimes it's better to think of different things, and this edition of Streamers has some excellent movie options to capture your attention.

Streamers: What’s Next for Movie Theaters?

For lovers of movies, 2021 is looking almost as confusing as 2020 was. Marc Mohan starts the clarification process in this edition of Streamers.

Streamers: Working-class heroes, dead-end turns, and Wong Kar-Wai

Marc Mohan dives into a Wong Kar-Wai retrospective, films about working class heroes, films that take bad turns.