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Donors, Sponsors, and Grantors

A heartfelt thank you to these financial supporters who are part of The Circle that makes it possible for us to offer free ads for one year to qualifying organizations:

  • Anne Adams
  • Stephen Adams
  • Angela Allen
  • Amazon Smile
  • Christine Ambrose
  • Alan Anderson
  • Kris Anderson
  • Marlene Andrejco
  • Anonymous
  • Joseph Anthony & Heidi Yorkshire
  • Stephanie Arnold
  • Amanda Ashley
  • The Attic/David Biespiel
  • Linda Austin
  • D Lorraine Bahr
  • Rebecca Banyas
  • Anne Barragar
  • Amy Bay
  • Judith Bell
  • Alan Bergstrom
  • Marjorie Black
  • Naomi Bloom
  • David Bodin
  • Tom Booth
  • Mary Boyle
  • Karen Brooks
  • Richard L Brown
  • Corey Brunish
  • Ron Buel
  • Alana Byington
  • Grant Byington
  • Chelsea Cain
  • Christopher Carter
  • Sue Horn-Caskey
  • Joan Chapin
  • Richard Clucas
  • Robert Conklin
  • Deborah Correa
  • Cheryl Coupe
  • Alexander B. Craghead
  • Eloise Damrosch
  • Laurie Danial Hardiman
  • Christine T D’Arcy
  • Jana Demartini-Svoboda
  • Lenny Diener
  • K.B. Dixon
  • Paul Duden
  • Ann F Dudley
  • Gilion Dumas
  • Ben Earle
  • Ronnie-Gail Emden
  • Fear No Music
  • Leslie Finch
  • Claudie Fisher
  • Katherine L FitzGibbon
  • Melanie Flood
  • Jeff Forbes
  • Fred W. Fields Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
  • The Gallery at Ten Oaks
  • Catherine Garrison
  • Tim Gillespie
  • Bean Gilsdorf
  • Cynthia Gladen
  • Andrew Golla
  • Leanne Grabel
  • Grants Pass Museum of Art
  • Harold Gray
  • Michael Griggs
  • Sabina Haque
  • John Haynes
  • Gillian G Hearst
  • Friderike Heuer
  • Jon and Marjorie Hirsch
  • Jill Hoddick
  • Laurie Holland
  • Roger Hull
  • Beth Hutchins and Pete Skeggs
  • Nancy Ives
  • Melinda Jackson
  • Roberta Jackson
  • The James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation
  • Gloria Jane Jarrett
  • Cecily Johns
  • Mary Johnson
  • Shelley Jordon
  • Marilyn Joyce
  • Anita Kaplan
  • Edward Kemp
  • Jeanette Kempe-Ware
  • Sydney Kennedy
  • Carrie Kikel
  • Robin Krakauer
  • Roger Kukes
  • Ronni Lacroute
  • Sherry Lamoreaux
  • Nicole Lane
  • Lang-Svendgard Family Fund of Oregon Community Foundation
  • Margaret Larson
  • Martha Lee/Russo Lee Gallery
  • Joan Levers
  • Carol Levine
  • Jeanne Levy
  • Wallace Lien
  • Judith Lindley
  • Una Loughran
  • Cindy Lyndin
  • Leonard Magazine and Susan Magazine
  • Linda Mantel
  • Judith Margles
  • Roberta Margolis
  • Eileen Markson
  • Barbara Ellen Mason
  • Nyla McCarthy
  • James McGinn
  • Carol McIntosh/Escape to Oceanside
  • Adam McIsaac
  • Anne E McLaughlin
  • Rebecca McLaughlin
  • Josie Mendoza
  • Metropolitan Youth Symphony
  • Matthew Miller
  • Donna Milrany
  • Moonstruck Chocolate
  • Dan and Nancy Morrow of The Gallery at Ten Oaks
  • Lee Musgrave
  • Nationale
  • Lawrence F Naughton, Esq.
  • Network for Good
  • Vana O’Brien and Michael O’Brien
  • Oly Works LLC
  • Oregon Community Foundation, Fred W. Fields Fund
  • Oregon Cultural Trust
  • Catherine Paglin
  • Trude Parkinson
  • Paul Bright Films
  • PDX Contemporary Art
  • Lynda Phillippi
  • Shannon Planchon
  • Daniel Pollack-Pelzner
  • Elsa Porter
  • Portland Area Theatre Alliance/Fertile Ground
  • The Portland Ballet
  • Portland Youth Philharmonic
  • Ellen Pullen
  • Judith Pulman
  • Jana Ragsdale
  • Daniel Rasay
  • Raymond Rathbun
  • Christopher Rauschenberg
  • Regional Arts & Culture Council
  • Sarah Retecki
  • Michelle Reynolds
  • Dell L Rhodes
  • Carlotta Richard
  • Mark L Roberts
  • Prudence F Roberts
  • Luke Robertson
  • Rita Robillard
  • Chrisse Roccaro
  • Sandra Roumagoux
  • Charlotte Rubin
  • Stephen Rutledge
  • Janet Schaeffer
  • Jeanne Schapp
  • Allen Schauffler
  • Diana Scoggins
  • Luisa Sermol
  • Willa Shneberg
  • Joe Shallenburger
  • Paul Sher
  • Craig Shinn and Kathleen Shinn
  • Carol Shults
  • David Slader
  • Kay Slusarenko
  • Karla Mason Smith
  • Cyndy Smith-English
  • Soapstone
  • Carmen Hill Sorenson
  • Ethan Sperry
  • David Stabler
  • Greg A Steinke
  • Kathleen Stephenson-Kuhn
  • Francesca Stevenson
  • Cynthia Stowell
  • Judy Straalsund
  • Angelita Surmon
  • Paul Sutinen
  • Rosalie Tank
  • Sue Taylor
  • Christine Tell
  • Jane M. Terzis
  • Linda Tesner
  • Nancy Thorn and George Thorn
  • Tualatin Valley Creates
  • Jan van Santen
  • Danielle Vermette
  • Michael Walsh
  • Linda Walton
  • Shu-Ju Wang
  • Barbara Welty
  • Edward Welsh
  • Martha Ullman West
  • Kenneth Unkeles
  • Rachel Wiener
  • Robyn Williams
  • Mark Wilson
  • Jeff Winslow
  • Kathleen Worley
  • Christy Wyckoff
  • Stephen Young and Jane Fellows
  • David Yudkin
  • Patricia Zagelow


Full Endorsements:

The Portland Ballet: “ArtsWatch has been an integral partner for arts organizations across the state since it began. As a resource for arts lovers and patrons, it offers The Portland Ballet an incredible platform. To be put in front of their audience at no cost gives us visibility we currently don’t have while our programs and performances are suspended. When arts gatherings can begin again, ArtsWatch readers will be the ones who support and sustain us into the future. We are grateful for any opportunity to advertise through ArtsWatch.”

BodyVox: “Oregon ArtsWatch is the leading source for informed reporting on the performing arts in Portland.  Maintaining an advertising presence on their website is important to our marketing effort and helps us reach potential audiences for the fine and performing arts in our region.”

Metropolitan Youth Symphony: “Oregon ArtsWatch is a respected voice in the arts community, and this generous offer of free advertising would be an incredible gesture to arts organizations that face shrinking budgets in the upcoming season. Free advertising with Oregon ArtsWatch would greatly benefit Metropolitan Youth Symphony as we share information about our music education program, services for low-income students, and concert performances with the community, broadening audiences and increasing participation in our program.” 

Portland Center Stage at The Armory: “Visibility on Oregon ArtsWatch is absolutely essential for Portland’s arts organizations. ArtsWatch has always been the go-to destination to check the pulse of our creative community. In these difficult times, when our budgets are all so strained, free advertising will be critical as we reopen our doors and rebuild the vital creative heartbeat of this city.”

Chamber Music Northwest: “We can’t gather in person to share our music right now, which makes connecting with our community online more important than ever. Chamber Music Northwest thanks Oregon ArtsWatch for years of in-depth local arts coverage, and their generous in-kind advertising support at this challenging time!”

Kalakendra: “Kalakendra is happy to be associated with Oregon ArtsWatch to reach out to the community about developments on the arts scene.”

Portland Story Theater: “Since its inception, ArtsWatch has been synonymous with quality craft. Insightful. Honest. Supportive. This is a project that recognizes what nourishes people and helps them know what’s worth their time, their energy, their money.

“ArtsWatch is a group of dedicated people – journalists – with an eye and ear for arts and culture, the kind that feeds our community. Their form of critique is not one to diminish the arts, but rather give it a boost and by doing that, give everyone a better understanding and appreciation of the ecology of the arts in the Pacific Northwest.

“Portland Story Theater is a small arts organization whose vision is to advance, inspire and expand our community narrative, one story at a time – and in doing so, preserve and promote the ancient art of storytelling in a way that enriches modern life, allowing and encouraging people to be vulnerable and present in ways that are crucial to the full expression of our humanity. ArtsWatch has been our partner in advancing these ideas and promoting our work so that people know who we are, what we do, and what we believe. There’s honesty in the work of ArtsWatch that serves us all. Serves the soul of our city, our state, our region.”

Portland Youth Philharmonic: “Oregon ArtsWatch has been an insightful voice for arts and music organizations including Portland Youth Philharmonic for years. We are happy to contribute to their generous Full Circle Fund, providing assistance to the Oregon arts community during these unprecedented times. As the nation’s first and oldest youth orchestra, we will continue providing music education to young creatives in the region and look forward to making music for our community again as soon as we are able. When that time comes, we know Oregon ArtsWatch will be there to help us get the word out and reach new audiences.”

We encourage qualified organizations to add their endorsements to this growing list. Join the loop and let the Full Circle Fund benefit your organization today!

Contact Laura Grimes at to add your endorsement and become a participating organization of the Full Circle Fund.

Corrib Theatre From a Hole in the Ground Contemporary Irish Theatre Alberta House Portland Oregon
Kalakendra Indian Classical Instrumental Music First Congregational Church Portland Oregon
Portland Opera Puccini in Concert Keller Auditorium Portland Oregon
Portland Center Stage at the Armory Coriolanus Portland Oregon
Cascadia Composers May the Fourth be with you Bold new music for winds and piano Lincoln Recital Hall PSU Portland Oregon
Chamber Music Northwest Imani Winds and BodyVox Beautiful Everything The Reser Beaverton Oregon
Portland Columbia Symphony Adelante Voices of Tomorrow Beaverton and Gresham Oregon
Newport Visual and Performing Arts Newport Oregon Coast
Kalakendra Indian Classical Instrumental Music First Congregational Church Portland Oregon
Triangle Productions Perfect Arrangement Portland Oregon
NW Dance Project Moving Stories Newmark Theatre Portland Oregon
Oregon Repertory Singers Finding Light 50th Season Portland Oregon
Portland Playhouse Passing Strange Portland Oregon
Imago Theatre Carol Triffle Mission Gibbons Portland Oregon
Maryhill Museum of Art Goldendale Washington
Portland State University College of the Arts
Bonnie Bronson 2024 Fellow Wendy Red Star Reed College Reception Kaul Auditorium Foyer Portland Oregon
PassinArt Theatre and Portland Playhouse present Yohen Brunish Theatre Portland Oregon
Pacific Maritime Heritage Center Prosperity of the Sea Lincoln County Historical Society Newport Oregon Coast
Portland Art Museum Virtual Sneakers to Cutting Edge Kicks Portland Oregon
High Desert Museum Sasquatch Central Oregon
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