Monday Double Shot: Instances of groping in Beethoven


Editor’s note: Monday Double Shot is ArtsWatch’s new, aspirationally weekly jolt of non-standard arts watching. Katie Taylor applies her YouTube browsing to a curatorial purpose, in this case fondling in Beethoven. We hope you enjoy!

Figure 1:

Furtive pawing from first violin at 4:25.

Figure 2:
Tentative groping from cello at 9:54 growing steadily pervier through 11:11. May be more accurately described as fondling. First violin seems to be enjoying. First violin is a bad influence.

Your barista is Katie Taylor, a Portland-based writer, opera singer, director and librettist. Contact Katie at

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One Response.

  1. Jeff Winslow says:

    Two gorgeous performances. Who knew pianists aren’t the only musicians that concern themselves with “touch”.

    Poor old Ludwig. Susan McClary has a lot to answer for. 🙂

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