Monday Double Shot: Ladybird


French actress and cabaret star Jacqueline Dufresnoy, called by a friend “a faithful child of the Catholic church,” booked Notre Dame cathedral for her first marriage in 1960 to a handsome and somewhat racy sports journalist. The huge crowd waiting on the steps outside gave the happy couple a terrific sendoff, except for the ones who threw garbage at them.


On stage, on screen and on vinyl, Dufresnoy was known as La Coccinelle — Ladybird — either a cute reference to her favorite polka-dotted dress as a child or a derogatory French term for a transvestite, depending on which account you read. She was born Jacques Charles Dufresnoy in Paris in 1931.

Scene from Europa di Notte — a truly terrible movie, but a good example of Dufresnoy’s stage charisma.

Prurient little Italian news clip from the early ‘60s.

Bonus shot: “Avec mon p’tit faux cul” (With my little fake ass). Best song title ever.

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