Monday Double Shot: Queen for a Day


Mozart’s Queen of the Night aria: the Mount Everest of whistlers everywhere. I’m not sure if this mania was spawned by the success of Dutch World Championship whistler Geert Chatrou (whom we all know) or if it simply sprang, fully formed, out of the head of Zeus to disport and caper over the internet.

Specimen #1: Presentation is everything:

Specimen #2: Salute to Florence Foster Jenkins:

Specimen #3: Excelsior!

Specimen #4: Technology rears its unwholesome head:

I don’t know if it’s significant that I could not find even one woman doing this — unless you count the parrot. Must be a sex-linked gene. Except in parrots. Though I could not find any male parrots whistling Queen of the Night, so maybe it is also a sex-linked gene in parrots, only in reverse. I would like an expensive study commissioned.

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  1. Judith says:

    So glad you posted this…thanks for a special Monday treat.

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