Scene from 'A Time For Life.' Photo by Robert Kyr.

The soul of humanity and the fate of the planet are intertwined

An exciting array of artists is featured in the Ashland-based Anima Mundi Productions Heart of Humanity concert series this spring, including...

BRAVO Youth Orchestras: Social Change through Music

The Oregon affiliate of Venezuela’s famed El Sistema education system gives diverse students access to music education
Wyatt True, Eric Alterman and Kimberlee Uwate,of the Delgani String Quartet, rehearse new music for string trio by OCF composers. Photo by Gary Ferrington.

A year of hope and resilience

Eugene's Oregon Composers Forum is taking its Music Today Festival online – with more than 60 new works.

MusicWatch Monthly: April is the coolest month

Looking forward to a wild summer where the masks start to come off and the concerts slowly start coming back.
Madeline Ross in 'Secret Diaries of Pennsylvania Avenue.' Photo courtesy of Renegade Opera.

New horizons

"... Maddy called me up a year ago, and she was like, let’s start this thing. I have an idea, it’s called Renegade Opera.”
Bass-baritone Damien Geter.

Songs of Love and Justice

Though each of the six pieces is contemporary — written in the late 20th and early 21st centuries — Geter chose somewhat established works as well as freshly minted ones...

Now Hear This: April edition

Robert Ham scours Bandcamp for new local sounds and discovers multilingual hip-hop, bludgeoning metal, electronic improv & more.

Black Music Matters, Vol. 3: Smell the roses

"There’s a lot this country needs to explore, and understand, and comprehend about itself. Transformation--that’s what 'Revolution' is about."

Singing Strings

Composer Stephen Scott created singular music — and a unique instrument to play it.

The sound of dance across borders

Joe Kye’s new single "The Way Out" brings dance, Zoom, and social justice together to address the border crisis.
Composer Nicole Buetti and puppets. Photo courtesy of the comopser.

A Young Puppet’s Guide to the Orchestra

Put together a composer with a post-Halloween idea, a passel of puppets, and the Portland Columbia Symphony. Add YouTube and instruments. Voila!

Black Music Matters, Volume Two: Multiples

Matthew Neil Andrews on the joy of following Machado Mijiga, plus Joe Henderson, Bobby McFerrin, Freddie Hubbard & more.

Now Hear This: March edition

New and local on Bandcamp: Lizzy “Cardioid” Ellison and George “Theoretical Planets” Colligan, Mo Troper's audacious Beatles covers, epic from The Decemberists’ vault. Plus, fee free Friday!

MusicWatch Monthly: March of Progress

Old Portland, new Portland, any way you like Portland: Charles Rose lends an ear to the music of March.
Ross Gay, poet

Linfield University hits its streaming stride

Poetry, podcasts, theater, dance, and music are all available virtually from the McMinnville school.

Listening back 2020: Oregon recordings from a fraught year

Good music in hard times: We can’t let 2020 slip away without noting some recordings by Oregon musicians, several explicitly in response to crisis.

MusicWatch Monthly: Frosty Festive February

Portland Jazz Festival, rewatching Motchisuki, African films, Black composers, Sybarite5 and more.
Mic Crenshaw and Xamada in Neo Vecci's video "Caô Xangô" from the 2020 album 'Rebel Wise.'

Black Music Matters, Volume One: Black Messiahs

In Black History Month, a good time to freshen up and start a new tradition of seeking out and hearing Black music.
Violinist Alistair Kok will host Newport Symphony Orchestra musicians in his home for a virtual Valentine's Day concert.

String trio offers a virtual valentine

Newport Symphony brings a concert to your living room, and the Coaster Theatre gets Shakespearean.

Looking for light, packing a punch

Fertile Ground 2021: In "Livin' in the Light," opera singer Onry seeks a space for a Black man to breathe.