MusicWatch Monthly: What flowers may come

At least April ended on a high note: FearNoMusic’s headliner show capped off its season brilliantly.

MusicWatch Monthly: April is the coolest month

Looking forward to a wild summer where the masks start to come off and the concerts slowly start coming back.

MusicWatch Monthly: March of Progress

Old Portland, new Portland, any way you like Portland: Charles Rose lends an ear to the music of March.

MusicWatch Monthly: Frosty Festive February

Portland Jazz Festival, rewatching Motchisuki, African films, Black composers, Sybarite5 and more.

MusicWatch Monthly: Death and recirculation

This year the holidays take on a somber tone. Will we have to leave some of our favorite traditions behind?

MusicWatch Monthly: A vote for diversity

Fear No Music's new series starts with Nokuthula Ngwenyama, Regina Harris Baiocchi, Adolphus Hailstork.

MusicWatch Monthly: October surprises

Living composers, ghost composers, cloned string quartets, and a virtual songspiel

MusicWatch Monthly: Labors of love

Shining a light on rose gardens Oregon musicians are tending; listening to Kenji Bunch on behalf of the City of Roses.

MusicWatch Weekly: The living

On the opposite of “the dead." Living music, the “quick,” the good stuff: paying living performers, promoting living composers, responding to living audiences.

MusicWatch Weekly: What (else) is going on?

Last week we talked all about how everyone should be making albums right now, and hopefully you all nodded your heads and muttered, “hell yeah!”

MusicWatch Weekly: For the record

Taking a spin with some recordings fit for troubled times (plus a few albums we wish existed).

MusicWatch Monthly: Sour grapes

Let’s talk about the part of the music industry most directly impacted by The Troubles: the shuttered venues where we no longer gather and share musical ecstasy. But let’s be honest...

MusicWatch Weekly: 0 brave new world

In which we lament Geter’s Requiem, remember Menomena, and set Kevin down on the PDX Couch.

MusicWatch Weekly: Welcome to Digital Heaven

We're toggling between extremes: mass digital socialization and truly next-level hermit action.

MusicWatch Weekly: Virtual Classical

Oregon musical performances may be suspended, but Oregon music plays on. Oregon…

MusicWatch Monthly: Mayday!

Strikes, unions, mega-corporations and the unpaid labors of love (with a tip of the hat to Bandcamp).

MusicWatch Weekly: La dérive symphonique

Examining the New Flesh. Staying home and slaying dragons. Running on a treadmill. It's corona time.

MusicWatch Weekly: Don’t just do something, sit there!

Music in the Time of Pandemic: Turn off the web, put on an album, close your eyes, and listen.

MusicWatch Monthly: Send the fool further

No fooling, no fake news: an imaginative leap into a possible musical future.

Photo: IATSE Local 28 Schnitz Crew. Courtesy of Charles Noble.

MusicWatch Weekly: The Apocalypse will be livestreamed

First of all, how are you? Eating enough? Staying inside and entertained?…