Our Think Out Loud appearance: The director’s cut

David Eckard's 'Deployment' opens Sunday at the Art Gym.

Those of you addicted to OPB’s “Think Out Loud” radio program may have caught a little segment at the end about stuff to do this weekend. Hey, Mom, that was your boy! Unfortunately, the segment ran short, and I was only able to mention a couple of shows that had already opened (“Oklahoma!” and “God of Carnage”) and here I’d come with a much longer list (though if you haven’t seen the savagely comic “Carnage” or re-discovered “Oklahoma” through Center Stage’s production, they are well worth catching).

What was on the REST of my list for the weekend? Well, some of them I was glad I didn’t have to try to describe…

“Horizontal Leanings,” BodyVox: The company that mixes multi-media, modern and ballet dance, startling imagery and stage props often with humorous intent is reprising this hit from the past, which is a consideration of more serious themes (the resolution of conflicting values, what “recycling” means). BodyVox Dance Center, through Oct. 15. This is the opening salvo in a barrage of dance this month: See enough of it and win prizes!

“Lips Together, Teeth Apart,” Profile Theatre: Yes, Terrence McNally’s play about two couples who meet at a beach house for a little rest and recuperation is hard to describe, witty, yes, but melancholy as individuals and couples start to crumble. I went through the rehearsal process of a Portland Center Stage production of this play, and it was wrenching for everyone concerned, even the aloof reporter. This kicks off Profile’s 15th year in business — congrats to Jane Unger and her crew! Theater! Theatre! Building, through Oct. 23.

Community Classical Celebration, Oregon Symphony: So, Dawn Upshaw had to drop out  of her visit to Portland for health reasons, and Carlos Kalmar had to reach into his considerable bag of tricks to come up with a new program.  It’s intended for families (there’s a nice family discount on tickets, in fact) and includes some delightful nuggets: Gershwin, Copland, Debussy, Beethoven, and more. Saturday only at Schnitzer Concert Hall. (You’ll have to act on the family ticket deal by end of the business day on Friday, though.)

David Eckard’s “Deployment,” the Art Gym: This would have been some hard describing in a sentence or two on radio (or in this post!): Eckard’s an artist who co-mingles performance, sets for imaginary performances, sculpture and drawing and painting. Personally, I think he’s trying to create an entirely new, far more interesting, universe that has steampunk references, cheap theatrical magic (a little like “Angels in America”) and considerable insight into the old universe. Opens Sunday at the Art Gym at Marylhurst University, through Dec. 11. A companion show is already up at the White Box, in the White Stag Building in Old Town.

And I had more, so much more! And next week, things get even busier. Way busier. I just love the Fall Season…


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