PDXFilm Daily for April 6

Romanian animation, Daniel Day-Lewis' breakthrough role, and a soccer-style "Magnificent Seven"

Just another Wednesday in the world of Portland’s independent movie houses, which means a tantalizing trifecta of titles is on tap.

Humpday is the home base for Church of Film, which sashays into a second month of its “Folk Supernatural” series with the 1965 Romanian animated feature “If I Were…the White Moor.” Director Ion Popescu-Gopo adapted the 19th-century book “Harap Alb,” which was itself inspired by traditional Romanian fairy tales, into this visually striking tale of a king’s son who travels to visit his uncle in a far-off land. Where do they find these things? “White Moor” screens at 8 pm at the North Star Ballroom.

After winning his third Academy Award, for 2012’s “Lincoln,” Daniel Day-Lewis announced he was taking a hiatus from acting for at least a few years. He’s shown no signs of changing his mind, so fans desperate for a hit of the DDL would be advised to jump at every opportunity to see his talent on the big screen. That includes tonight’s screening of his breakthrough performance in Stephen Frears’ 1985 “My Beautiful Laundrette,” about a gay interracial relationship in the Thatcher Era. It screens at 7:30 pm at the Hollywood Theatre as the inaugural entry in a new monthly series called “Queer Commons.”

You’ve heard of “The Dirty Dozen” and “The Hateful Eight,” but “The Magnificent Eleven” may have passed you by. It’s a 2013 British comedy that transposes the plot of the classic Western “The Magnificent Seven” to the world of football. A sad-sack South London soccer team comes to the defense of an Indian restaurant being threatened by a protection racket. “The Magnificent Eleven” screens at 7 pm at the Clinton Street Theater.



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