Brown in Black and White

Portland photographer Richard Brown’s new memoir depicts a colorful life of art and activism.

The eggs and I: a love story

Art of the stovetop, art of the camera: a daily gift of fried eggs becomes a portfolio of variations on a theme.

Street Scene: Pooches on Parade

As the scaled-back Rose Fest readies its Porch Parade, a tribute to the canceled Rose City Classic Dog Show.

Imagined narratives for past lives

Photographer Rich Bergeman talks with Blake Andrews about abandoned places and the pull of the past.

Hat Dance

It's the top of a new day for heads in hat-happy Portland. K.B. Dixon's street portraits show off the evidence.

The eyes have it: Art of the camera

ArtsWatch Weekly: Photography gets (beyond) real, art museum reshuffles, Ashland's indie film fest.

Women of Art ~ A Visual Life, 3

In the final of a three-part series, Pat Rose talks with photographer Susan Bein abut her influences and her iPhone art.

Women of Art ~ A Visual Life, 1

Pat Rose profiles three of Portland’s most creative photographers. Part 1: Grace Weston.

Photo Shoot: Six Oregon Poets

Photographer K.B. Dixon focuses on National Poetry Month with portraits of half a dozen leading Oregon voices.

An Open-Air Museum, Part 2

Museums and art galleries are just beginning to awake. Portland's museum of street art has been thriving all along.

Remembrance of Things Past

So near, and so far: K.B. Dixon turns his lens on downtown Portland, before the pandemic and the plywood.

Visions of work

Blake Andrews on how labor plays a starring role in Dan Nelken and Edward Pabor's photo shows in Springfield and Eugene.

Portraits of both sides: An interview with a protest photographer

Rian Dundon has been photographing Oregon protests since 2019. Blake Andrews gets the lowdown on his busy year.

Things that go bump in the light

On portraits and phrenology: Meet Phil, who's been hanging around the house and has a lot on his mind.

Private lives of the trees

Blake Andrews goes into the forest, literally, with photographer David Paul Bayles and Forest Service Scientist Fred Swanson.

Patrick F. Smith: Recovering Old Portland

Smith's photos remind us that you don't have to scratch the surface of time TOO deeply to find Old Portland.

After the Fire 2: Starting Again

2020's wildfires left the artisans of Santiam Canyon reeling. A luthier and a painter look at what comes next.

After the Fire 1: Scarred Landscape

Looking back: A devastating 2020 fire leaves ashes where the Santiam Canyon and its cultural life once thrived.

XMas 2020: Neo-Elizabethan Edition

To decorate, or not to decorate? K.B. Dixon and a Guy Named Will tell a winter's tale of baubles and figurines.

Postcards from Home

Photographer K.B. Dixon takes a pandemic voyage into the rediscovered territories of home.