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PuzzleWatch: Test Your Local Choir IQ

Do you have what it takes to complete this crossword?


Photo by Daryl Browne

Oregon ArtsWatch has previewed the performances of more than thirty Oregon and Southwest Washington choirs this season, including thousands of singers from Vancouver to Roseburg, Hillsboro to Bend. What a year it’s been!

This crossword is dedicated to the choirs that brought singing to our communities.  All of the choral clues and answers are a name, conductor, or locale of one of our wonderful choirs.

Now, if every choir had its conductor’s name, like the Robert Shaw Chorale, this crossword would be pretty easy. No such luck here.  So, if you need a few hints, all the conductor names are listed below. Yes, just the conductors. Couldn’t give you everything.

And to those conductors and their choirs, we say thanks for the music. See you next season.

Blake Applegate, Wendy Bamonte, Alissa Deeter, David De Lyser, April Duvic, John Eisemann, Jacob Funk, Katherine FitzGibbon, Stephen Galvan, Solveig Holmquist, Paul Klemme, Nicole Lamartine, Alexander Lingas, Mary McCarty, Howard Meharg, Mia Miller, Ralph Nelson, Janet Reiter, Diane Retallack, Jason Sabino, Anna Song, Ethan Sperry

Conductors not included in the crossword but mentioned in Oregon ArtsWatch articles this year:

John Baker, Samuel Barbara, John Michael Boyer, Christian Clark, Lennie Cottrell, Susan Dorn, Megan Elliott, Paul French, Jana Hart, Bruce Neswick, Raymond Ocampo, Lisa Riffel, Scott Tuomi

Note: If you see the word “shortly,” it means the answer is the choir initials, e.g., ORS for Oregon Repertory Singers.

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Daryl Browne is a music educator, alto, flutist and writer who lives in Beaverton, Oregon.