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Resonating: Arts groups respond to race crisis

In an open letter, more than 1,000 individuals and 100 groups in PDX voice demands for racial justice.


EDITORS’ NOTE: Since the slaying in Minneapolis of George Floyd, an African American man, by a white police officer on May 25 protests have sprung up across the nation, including Portland and many other towns and cities in Oregon. Portland artists and cultural groups have responded strongly, raising their voices against racial injustice and inequity. In Portland, more than 1,000 individuals and 100 cultural organizations have put their signatures to the open letter below, organized by the choral group Resonance Ensemble and addressed to Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, and other state and local officials. Most but not all of the signatories are from Portland’s musical community.


Tributes to George Floyd outside Cup Foods in Minneapolis, where George Floyd died after a police officer held his knee to Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Photo: Vasanthtcs / Wikimedia Commons

An Open Letter from Resonance Ensemble and the Portland Arts Community

Dear Governor Brown, Mayor Wheeler, and state and local government officials:

Millions of people have taken to the streets around the country to protest the killing of George Floyd by a police officer who pressed his knee into Mr. Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds as he lay pinned on the ground in handcuffs. Mr. Floyd’s pleas for help — repeating that he couldn’t breathe — were ignored.

The fact that this murder has happened amid a pandemic that has taken the life of one out of every 2,000 African-Americans is a chilling pronouncement that racism is in the DNA of our criminal justice system and that black lives still do not matter in our country.

Resonance Ensemble believes that music should reflect the stories of our time, call attention to injustice, and build community relationships. But this isn’t a time for reflection, this is a time for action. We feel called to say loudly and clearly that we stand for the lives of black people, we stand with the Black Lives Matter movement, and we stand against police brutality. Although live music has been silenced by this recent pandemic, our organization simply cannot stay silent while the police are continuing to slaughter black people in this country. 


Seattle Opera Pagliacci

On May 23, we would have performed the world premiere of An African American Requiem, a monumental work Resonance commissioned by Portland-based composer Damien Geter memorializing those who have lost their lives to racial violence against African Americans in our country. The premiere performance was scheduled to be co-presented by Oregon Symphony at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. All Classical Portland is leading a national initiative to broadcast this important work in partnership with WQXR in New York City. We would have used our art to raise awareness of violence against African Americans. This premiere has been postponed due to the pandemic, but our society cannot keep postponing strong and decisive action to prevent this horrifying violence against African Americans. New names are being added daily to this ignominious list of black people who have been killed. By the time An African American Requiem takes place next year, how many more names will be added? This must stop.

As artists and art leaders, as participants in the evolution of the power of art to move the world, as audiences and as citizens, we urge our state and local government officials to join Governor Brown in condemning racial violence against African Americans.Our state and local governments must design and enact a clear course of action this year to effect substantive change in preventing police brutality in Oregon.

Specifically, we follow the lead of the NAACP, in asking that our government:

  • Classify the mistreatment of black people in Oregon by the police as a human rights violation.
  • Mandate a zero-tolerance approach in penalizing and/or prosecuting police officers who kill unarmed, non-violent, and non-resisting individuals in an arrest.

State legislation must include the following principles, also from the NAACP:

  • A ban on the use of knee holds and chokeholds as an acceptable practice for police officers.
  • The Use of Force Continuum for any police department in the state must ensure that there are at least 6 levels of steps, with clear rules on escalation.
  • Oregon’s Open Records Act must ensure officer misconduct information and disciplinary histories are not shielded from the public.
  • Recertification credentials may be denied for police officers if determined that their use of deadly force was unwarranted by federal and state guidelines.
  • Implementation of Citizen’s Review Boards in municipalities to hold police departments accountable and build public confidence.

We are counting on you to make sure these changes are implemented. We urge you to make bold and brave choices and to continue to stand for the lives of black people.




Oregon Cultural Trust

Katherine FitzGibbon, Resonance Board President and Artistic Director
Donna Dermond, Resonance board chair
Elizabeth Bacon Brownson, Director of Marketing and Operations, Resonance board member
Nicholas Brownson, Resonance board treasurer
Marilyn Crilley, Resonance board member
Damien Geter, composer of An African American Requiem,
Resonance board member
A. Mimi Sei, Resonance board member
Charlene Zidell
Storm Large
Susannah Mars
Subashini Ganesan, Portland’s Artist Laureate  
Anis Mojgani, Oregon’s Poet Laureate
Debra Porta, Executive Director, PRIDE Northwest, Inc
Bonnie Reagan, BRAVO Youth Orchestras 
Thomas Mack Lauderdale, Pink Martini
Marilyn Keller, mtk music
China Forbes, Pink Martini
Edna Vazquez, Ind. Artist
Michael Allen Harrison,Ten Grands / Snowman Foundation / Play It Forward
Rindy Ross, Quarterflash, The Trail Band
Seth Truby, BRAVO Youth Orchestras
Valerie Day, Nu Shooz
Jimmie Herrod
Anna De Salvo Murphy
Darrell Grant, Professor of Music, Portland State University           
Peter Petersen           
Kate Andrews
Bonnie Miksch, PSU Music & Theater
Oh! Creative
Nicole Lane    
Danni Parpan, Brass Cactus Goods 
Ghretta Hynd 
Heidi Kiser      
Kay Little        
Lucas Schwartz          
Amy Montgomery      
Renee Breuer 
Sarah Bills      
Shana Lindbeck           
Marisa Anderson       
Holly Sobocinski         
Stephen Weeks                     
Annie Savaria-Watson           
Lisa Ann Marsh          
Erik Peregrine
Gaby Herrmann         
Ethan Allred   
Olivia Rush     
Kate Barker Swindell 
Jason Elliott, Portlandia Brass   
Ashley Wright
Luan Schooler
Eleanor OBRIEN         
Rick Watson        
Sumiko Yourtee         
William Goforth        
Stephanie Bivins, Choral Educator        
Madison Weiss          
Zachary Schonrock     
Alley Pezanoski-Browne        
Julie Proksch  
Jay Cacka        
Kendra Carpenter, Swaha Studios       
Isata Bundu- Kamara, PPS 
Sydney Guillaume      
Audrey Voon       
Laurel Alyn-Forest     
Christine Liu   
Elaine Underwood     
Shana Sharan 
Sam Hawk      
Joel Huffman 
Britney Marr  
Deirdre Hamilton       
Greg Thelen   
Zoe Edelen Hare
Jennifer Gosnell         
Tony Davis          
Nadia Busekrus 
Naomi Bloom    
Carol S. Witherell, First Unitarian Church
Stephanie Noble                
Janet Schaeffer, Choral singer
George Rowbottom         
Karen Knox      
Alan Niven           
Karen Thomas    
Jessica Jendrzejek              
Emily Donaldson Walsh
Vakare Marshall, Resonance Ensemble
James Bash          
Mark Woodward, BRAVO Youth Orchestras
Amy Schuff          
Trisha Williams 
Michael McDonald           
Marvin Lynn, Resonance Ensemble
Brandon Brack, Lewis and Clark College
Rev. Daniel A. Burnett, Rivercrest Community Church
Ray Jackson         
Lisa Butler            
Kekai Clarke        
Tina Bull                
Sally Kissell          
Emily Kinkley     
Jonathan Herrmann, An African American Requiem Choir
DeReau Farrar, Director of Music, First Unitarian Church of Portland
Carolyn Quick    
Fran Rothman   
Cecille Elliott     
Kurt Wehbring  
Claudia Roberts Fremont United Methodist Church
Maya Brown       
Jessica Israels     
Bailey Dean         
Thomas Otten, Emeritus professor, UNC Chapel Hill
Bobbye Gluesenkamp     
Coco Bender       
Tom Darby           
Kathy Sparacio  
Nicole Atkinson
Camille Greenidge Bass  
Amber Dickey    
Carla Kelley, Oregon Repertory Singers
Christy Patterson              
Kelli Zook             
Angie Bond, Metro
Kevin Walsh        
Marguerite McKean         
Ruth Szilagyi       
Gregory McMahon           
Rebecca Ford, SingFree Vocal Yoga
Sarah Maines, The Mainestudio
Matthew Leman                 
Donna Carmichsel
P.D. Johnston
Andrea Smith
Michael Bosworth
Eneida Nemecek  
Patrice Woods  
Emma Rose Lynn, musician
Michael Johanson, Lewis & Clark College Music Department
Dino Paris, Counseling & High Performance Coaching
Shohei Kobayashi 
Cassidy Bacon, An African American Requiem Choir
Josie Savaria-Watson             
Dale Shetler, Retired Choral Conductor        
Rowena Held      
Ryan Luria            
Joyce Gotsch, First Unitarian Church
Jed Mitchell        
Marcia K. Hocker               
Sharon Eldridge
Rachel Hadiashar, Photographer
Maggie Craven   
Gina Wand          
Stacey Philipps 
Maggie Bendicksen           
Allie Kautz
Malinda Buckles
Mary Medley
Lisa Neher
Maria Karlin
Maya Wells
Sarah Jesudason
Robert Pirtle
Liz Tan 
Scott Carpenter
Kirsten Brady
Lily Hutchins
Madeline Ross, Renegade Opera
Jessica Black       
Claire Robertson-Preis
AJ McCreary, Equitable Giving Circle       
Julie Jacob, Traveling Julie Photography
Kristin Wheary  
Susan McBerry, Lewis and Clark
Arwen Myers      
Rachel Hauge     
Paige Schuller-Griffin, The Wildside Society         
Karah Smith, Sprouted Roots Therapy & Wellness           
Maggie Helm
Kim Gumbel       
Heather Branche                          
Suzanne Savaria, Portland State University            
Nisha Supahan, Tattoo 34 on Hawthorne               
Angelica Hesse   
Juliet Booth        
John Nastos        
Sherry Alves        
Anwyn Willette, PSU Music & Theater   
Ezra Weiss            
Linda Johnson, Dance Artist             
Debi Huffman    
Todd Marston    
Dara Wilk
Rae Master
Joel Pickard
Danielle Barker
Anne McFall
Lynn Mendoza-Khan, Resonance
Adrian Rosales   
Nicholas Ertsgaard            
Annie Baker         
Elsa Dougherty  
Charlie Leman 
Tom Steenson
Indra Bloemers
Ethan Gans-Morse, Anima Mundi Productions
Jerome Larkin
Phylicia Morris
S. Renee Mitchell, I am MORE
Djodi Deutsch
Les Green, Resonance Artist
Dana Buhl, First Unitarian Church
Sia Haralampus
Lisa Oliphant Brown
Susan Palmiter
Karen Hoke
Liz Eisman
Susan Eisman, Hawthorne Family Playschool
Jenny Taylor
Rachael Spavins
Rev. Bill Sinkford, First Unitarian Church
Lydia Parsley
Karen Shawcross, First Unitarian Church
Heathet Pablico Turner   
June Fernandez
Maria Hein
Mary McCarty
Diana Deumling
Adam Tracy
Lisa Jarrett
Maran Sheils
Therese Augst
Val Aitchison
Maggie Hanson
Darcy White, Cabaret White
Stephanie Cordell
Melissa Schatz   
Lars Campbell, Clackamas Community College Music Department
Dana Rokosny
Niah Sei
Anna Branche
Kenya Sei
Jamie Gallupe
Nelly Kovalev, Oregon Ballet Theater Orchestra
Lennie Cottrell, Artistic Director, Nexus Vocal Ensemble
Carol Veach, Retired Citizen
Elizabeth Bassett
Gigi Laurent-Williams
Issa Okamoto
Juma Sei
Cynthia Coffee
Mark Woodlief
Shelley Sauer
Rabbi Benjamin Barnett
Lisa Boynton
Audrey Daniels
Sarah Daniels
Kiah Bacon
Megan Moran
Adriana Hernandez
Donna  Avedisian
Heather Torain
Joe Baker
Selam Mehary
Jan Nelson
Audrey Daniels
Noelle Goodenberger
Haleah Blank
Jennifer Shasserre, Rawdacious Desserts
Indra Bloemers 
Mark Koenigsberg
Mindi Lindquist
Ruth Berkowitz
Judith Michols
Becky Wynne
Amy Daniel
Nancy Pole Wilhite
Kathleen Worley
Paulette Bierzychudek
Kristen Rebelo, House of Rebelo
Michael Hilton
Sharon Greenberg
Angela Truby
Matthew Carron
Krystal Wu
Devan Wardrop-Saxton
Vincent Wucherer
Katie Mangle
Bill Lewis, Portland Piano Company
Emily Cadiz
Chrisse Roccaro
Susan Garfield
Damen Easton
Heather Toller
Amanda Byron
Robert Russon, Retired
Tom Swafford, Ajuna Healing
Christine Lentz, Community Chorale
Mary Forst
Roshana Shockley
Julie Romberg
Grace Schoenlank
Molly McNamara
Martha Abshear
David Krueger
Kelly Scott
Stephen Lewis
Gerry Grover
Robin Ray
Max Usman
Mason Wordell, B-Side Book Club A Cappella
Scott Forman, B-Side Book Club A Cappella   
Michael Ford
Falisha Wright
Zane Evans
Derek Amorde
Tom FitzGibbon
Katie Omweg
Anne Swanson
Julie Manhan
Della Langdon
Lauren Breece
Cristi Miles, PETE
Joany Franklin, Joan Franklin Art
Andrea Reinkemeyer, Linfield College
Leslie Simmons
Barbara Clarke
Charles Noble
Allison Holmes-Bendixen
Drew Swatosh
Adam Geisler, An African American Requiem Choir
Kalee Barnett
Murray Cizon
Stephanie Thompson, Portsmouth Union Church
Taylor McDougall
Will Patton, Cerimon House
Elizabeth Harlan-Ferlo
Ashley Shubert
Nathan Rix
Cheryl Bristah
Kimo Camat, B-Side Book Club
Andrew McDonald
Kristen Rix
Bethany Schweitzer Goshorn, Opera on Tap, Portland
Jessica Farrenkopf
Emily Lau
Jane Atkinson
Christine Spilde
Clare Wilkinson
Isabel Nelson
Thomas McAulay
Emily Miller
Susan Wladaver-Morgan
Lyndsay Wehrle
Teresa Brittain, Cascadia Composers
Denis Floyd
Jamie Norr
Chandra Clarke
Chris Wolken
Jacob Alexander
Danae Burke Jones
Andrea Crawford
Barbara Schack
Susan Edmonds
Margot Hanson-Israels, singer/voice teacher
Selene Aitken
David Peterson
Anne Kilfoyle
Maia Erickson
Bev Balliett
Susan Mandiberg, Member of the Board, Friends of Chamber Music
Gil Seeley
Sarah Oh
George Oh
Vera Alcorn
Camille Carpenter
Bob Devereux
Matthew Spady
Iris Armos
Lisa Volle, Third Angle New Music
Linda Aso
Rayna Notareschi
Jennifer Wright
Mary Hills
Ben Kinkley
Christina Rusnak
Jenny Krueger
Cathie Perkins
Paul Elison
Karen Berry
Deborah Heath, Lewis and Clark College
Clare Shore
Judy Loney
Jade Marasco-Wetzel
Glenn Sogge
Kevin Zmolek, Vose Elementary
Sam Rocke
Irene Weldon, Warner Pacific University, Portland Symphonic Choir
Chelsea Janzen
Emily Moss
Kailin Mooney
Sadie Gregg, Opera on Tap, Portland
Stuart Levy
Carol Linne
Taylor Gonzaga
Heather Kary
Becky Friedman, B Side Book Club
Rebekah Phillips, Portland Columbia Symphony
Elliot Menard, Renegade Opera
Jessica Turner
Jay Derderian
Kathleen Hollingsworth
Evylyn Brown
Cigdem Toroslu
Nusaba Ahmed  
Brett Campbell
Anna Huttel
Essie Bertain
Polly Grose
Sarah Trastanetz
Molly Eacret
Miles Thomas
Cassandra Pangelinan
Olivia Noelle
Amber Mira
Karri Buchta
Hannah Harrison
Alexandria Cleasby
Margaret O’Rourke
Laurie Newman
Margie Lee
Lynn Reer
Theodore Morrison
Ron Brecher
M.K. Resk
Pat Zimmerman
David Bernstein, individual artist, composer
Sara Hedberg
Meghan Daaboul
Cynthia MacLeod, BRAVO
Cassie Beucherie
Aly Kingsley
Clara Collins
Craig Ferguson
Sherri Ahmad
Julie Jacobs
Beth Madsen Bradford
Libby Clow
David Winston
Sue Toker
Eecole Copen
Jaclyn Leeds, Aurora Chorus, Executive Director
Kira Whiting
Dustin Hunley, Associate Director of Music, First Unitarian Church of Portland
Ken Moran
Amy Wayson
Ansula Press
Wendy Bamonte, Portland Symphonic Choir
Kaitlyn Winn
Vanessa Cochran
Tina Bul
Mitch Winn
Janet Wright
Ami Sainfort
Kathryn Knowlson
Ruth Bolliger
Anne Miller
Kevin Ahern
Julian Lamb
Victoria Holmes
Amani Austin
Jennifer Crawford
Susan Brochi
Tasha Miller
Elizabeth Gibbs
Omar Rojer
Virginia Afentoulis
Amanda McCoy
Mike Newman
Summer E
Erin Johnson
Jeri Swatosh
Stephanie Schmitgall
Lauren Lafaive
Joel Blakely
Sherri Eliaso
Erin Pitney
Thia Bankey
Rainbow Nelson
Chris Engbretson
Jesse Canright
Kristen Buhler
Megan Esler
Janet Wolf
Karen Tijani Portman
Linda Rickert
Kelly Terry
Mary Ann Wish
Chelsea Flora
Kate Sattler
Anne Pollack
Laura Jaquith Bartlett, Friends of Chamber Music
Sue Dixon
Serena Cruz
Keli Gump
Holly Walsh
Sarah Tiedemann, Artistic Director, Third Angle New Music
Carole Marie Downing, Tune to Joy Songleading
Cindy Lou Banks
Sierra Bertolone-Smith
Cynthia Gerdes
Sara Young
Viet Bloc
Adam Eason
Anne Phipps
Sally Custer
Roberta Sena
Marianne Sadee
Colleen Corso Murphy
Lamar Savage
Lisa Bogan
Averyl Hartje
Holly Huillet
Renee Favand-See
Bruce Krieg, Northwest Community Gospel Choir
Kimberly Peterson
Debra Irvine
Steven Byess, Portland Columbia Symphony
Robin Mayther
erik hundtoft
Maria Choban
Sarah Wittmann, Portland Columbia Symphony
Lori Stole
Meg McHutchison
Michael Severso
Jeana Edelman
Sandra Ling, Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra
Mia Lewis
Esther Shim, Northwest Piano Trio
Saulius Petroliunas
David Kerr, Kerr Violin Shop
Joan Milton
Karl Snyder, Portland Columbia Symphony
Christina Avellan, B-side bookclub
Rebecca Guderia
Austin Mahr, B-side bookclub
Erika Wuelfrath
Kristina Pressentin
Erik Manset, Strange Business Llc
Nick Devine
Breeshey Roskams-Hieter, OHSU
Felyx Tsoi
Luke Connolly
Jennie Whisnant
Andrew Kualaau
Paige McLaughlin
Charlie Jackson
Casshaina Heitmeyer
Charlotte Springall
Evan Ward
Brandon Husko
Ian Engelbert
Vandy Kanyako
Andy Archer
fiona warrington
Carol Raphael
Lisa DeGrace
Becky Tipton
Patricia Reilly
Harriet Sheridan
Elizabeth Dye, Third Angle New Music Board
Niel DePonte, MetroArts Inc
Sascha Wiebenso
Nicole Hill
Czeslaw Czapla
David Rosen
Jeanne Feldkamp, Third Angle New Music Board
Lauren LaBar
Georgia Mayer
Shira Fadeley
Anna Jackson
Nathan Shaffer, Tiny Mix Tapes
Linda Woody, Third Angle New Music
Karen Luper
Lynn-Marie Crider
Julie Hammond
Patricia Navin
Christine Bourdette
Roger Robinson
Roberta Margolis
Janet Elgin
Donna Lee
Judith Rees
Pat Zagelow
Maureen Jackson
Lewis Selway
Cindy Cumfer
Laura Cooper
Photini Downie Robinson, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral
David Boga
Charlotte Rubin
Ellen Vanderslice   
Josephine Hawthorne
Greg Ewer, 45th Parallel
Jasmine Love
Alexis Evers
Denise Taylor
Ty Christy
Buckley Jeppson
Warren Black
Rachel Hibbard
Stephen Auerbach
Kate Buchholz
Patricia Raley
Sean Fredenburg
Linda Austin
Betsy Russell
Yoko Greeney
Mona McNeil
Jenette Purcell
Judy Margles
James Caran
John Russell
Carolyn Buhl
Kathleen Stephenson-Kuhn
Terry Rogers
Bethel A.M.E. Church
Rebecca Webb, Portland Radio Project
Derrick McDuffey, Kingdom Sound
Mark Knippel
Jon Greeney
Jessica Gordon
Sarah Schwald
Jayde Weide
Jelena Schiff, PSU
Derek Wilson
Cori Graves
Jena Viemeister
Kit Gillem
Susan Rego
Francesca Stevenson
Fred Neal
Monica Monaghan-Milstein
Judy Tow
Kristin Collins
Christopher Shiner
Alan Jones
Betty Scholtenb
Kerri OBrien
Jeri Haskins
Marianne Keddington-Lang
Maria Garcia
Mardy Stevens
Judy Hanson
Alex Habecker
Celia Carlson
Charles Simmons
Elsa Porter
Carol Trenga
Laura Tremblay
Mia Tremblay
Marc Tremblay
Betsy Claassen
Susan Rinker
Gayle Lovejoy
Terri Welsh
Mia Tremblay
Dianna Schmid
Bonnie McAnnis
Aurora Gerhardt
Julie Darby
Michele Alderson
Dennis Steinman
Pamela Burrell
Lindsey McMahon
Andrea Burke
Timothy Swain
Sidne Lewis
Larry Munson
Kersti Pettit-Kekel
Deb Furry
Marco Fusaro
Paul Safar
Bonnie Miksch
Heather Alexander
Lauren Bryan
Linda Czopek
Steven Bilow
Carolyn Freel
Curtis Brooks
Steven Bilow
Kinnari Shah
Celia McDougal
Paul Neese
Peter Haub
Celine Goodbody
Melissa Canaday
Gary Ritter
Mary Ha
Eun Bradbury
Mark Solon
Gail D’Aloisio
Jacob Lundgren
Cheryl Canning
Matt Navarre
Michele Barney
Roberta Badger-Cain
Marissa Gilburd
Claire Stock
Sara Stewart
Ana Michalowsky
Suzanne Barthelmess
Linda Galante
Kenji Bunch
Todd Coward
Antonia Forster
David Boe
Cheryl Tracy
Debora Chandler
Brendan Gill
Denise Holmes
Kate Ottum
Emily Nelson DesRochers
Vilija Jozaitis
Megan Schneider
Marilyn Kongslie
Eric Olson, Carol Raaum Swing Orchestra
Morgan Dickerson, Carol Raaum Swing Orchestra
Cathy Wardzala
Stephanie Singer
Carolyn Eaton, ViVoce
Jeff Winslow
Stephanie Shea, Carol Raaum Swing Orchestra
Darian Patrick, An African American Requiem Choir
Elizabeth Busch
Sheryl Robert
Kathy O’Connor
Erika Lockwood
Katherine Lefever
Bruce Livingston
Richard North
Beverly North
Tom Taylor
Antonia Forster
Joan Szymko
Gerald Webster
Margot Faegre
Ombréa Moore
Sarah Buckmaster
Stephanie Lundgren
Jocelyn Bates O’Brien
Blythe Butler
Vernon Reitz
Scott Tuomi
Joan FitzGibbon
Denise Jarrett-Weeks
Gisela Cory
Linda Vogelsong
Joni Stoneking
Sue Alperin
Catherine van der Salm
Hannah Kuhn
Susan Arnold
Nancy Panitch
Debbie Hogan
Mary Bowers
Rachel Baldwin
Mark Bosnian
Colleen Scovill
Phyllis Auger
Kushi Beauchamp
Laura Hanks
Amanda Perl
Johnny Atorino
Patti Harelkin
Sharon Denman
Deborah Hobbs-Murphy
Carol Talbeck
Linda Amar
Kathleen Rutter
Jane Morgan
Renee Anderson
Ellen Drumheller
Pam Gressot
Ted Clifford
Disne Kenedu
Teresa Kraemer
Amanda Stark
Andrew Jones
Anne Heimlich
Katherine Axline
Ben Murphy
Lori Kovacevic
Elena Duggan
Abigail Hazlett
Claudia Nadine
Ron Entenman
Elaine Ball
Greg Steinke
Mark Kramer
Bijou Macdonald
Alyssa Reget
Kit Abrahamson
Gail Murphy
Ron Blessinger, 45th Parallel
Thomas Proctor
Douglas Detrick, Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble
Martin Mueller
Emily Macdonald, Foris Chorus
Zakariyas James
Linda Dobson
John Atorino, Portland Gay Men’s Chorus
Rachel Consenz
Richard Jung, Portland Gay Men’s Chorus
Martin Mueller, PDX Jazz
Anne Barragar
Tina Izen
Noreen Murdock, Portland Youth Philharmonic
Emily Evers
Carolyn Talarr
Chris Rivera
Ines Voglar Belgique, Portland Youth Philharmonic, Fear No Music, Palatine Piano Trio
Nancy Ives
Douglas Jenkins, Portland Cello Project
David Marshall
Mark Powell, Cappella Romana
Kristan Knapp, Portland Youth Philharmonic
Josh Espinoza
Amanda Chan
Mark Bosnian
Ann van Bever, Portland Columbia Symphony
Linda Apperson
Jennifer Keyser
Jim Griffith
Nicholas Fenster
Shannon Buono
Timothy Van Cleave
Diana Scoggins
Eddie May, Portland Gay Men’s Chorus
Catherine Luria
Lyndsey Sherman
Caryn May
Nancy Olson Chatalas
Rosemary Swenson
Warren Bull
Nancy Church
Kashala Hill
Bennett Bailey
Joseph Muir
Tom Darby
Allison Fradkin
Laurie Flint
Janet Davidson
Amy Waters
Reed Wallsmith
Jason Sabino
Jocelyn Thomas
Beverley Lawrence
Jerry Bobbe
Patrice Hernandez
Chris Nesseth
Anya Valsamakis
Alison Healy
Loren Chasse
Molly Porterfield
Bailee Mallon
Cecily Kiester
Sandy Baker
Yaki Bergman
Susan Morell
Joannah Ball
Solveig Nyberg
Erin Riddle
Ethel Gullette
Jenny Lamont
Diane Moyers
Lance Inouye
Carey Deza
Charles Walsh
Tony Dal Molin
Michael Powers
Aiden Ingram
Kevin Komos
Lee Garrett
Sheryl Wood
Eileen E Marra
Anna Szemere
Kiara Baudoin
Lexi Norton
Leanna Ludes
Laura Williams
Dorothy LaDouceur
Anya Forest
Amy Westphal
Michael Nichols
Amy Westphal
Sara Montero
Kathy Wolff
Audrey Farrell
Leona Skinner
Rebecca Holt
Sarah DeGrave
Daniel Buchanan
Bethany Yeska
Erin Albin
Holly Perez
Howard Meharg
Erin Williams
Eileen Kane
Kayla Ham
Loren Masanque
Jon Garrow
Daniel Buchanan
Jelisa Turner
Timothy Lafolette
David Stutz
Marjorie McRae
Michael Murray
Kaitlin Carpenter
Miranda Manners
Liz Robertson
Salina Norton
Amelia Wilcox
Alice Cristini
Nancy Nichols
Debbie Asakawa
Stephen Price
Sonrisa Alter
Amy Wood
Ethan Sperry, Oregon Repertory Singers
Terri Kuechle
Beverly McKenzie
Anne Bentley
Isaac Chapelle
Sherrie Van Hine
George Stevenson
Arielle Solomon
Erika Leppmann
Shauna Adams, Cardinal Education Network
Anita King, Prof. Emeritus, Willamette University
C Lindbloom
Miki Charlton, Episcopal parish St John the Baptist choir
Gary Enkelis
Erin Ratzlaf
Sarah Thompson
Neil Mattson
Sue Dixon
Marisa Wildeman, Foris choir
Cristina Marino, Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective
Nathan Kelleher
Kevin Rankin
Lynn Hanrahan
Jack Harvey
Barra Brown
Randy Lifshotz
Pancho Savery
Megan Kirsch-McMaster
Darcie Kozlowski
Lael Pinney
Bruce Melzer
Faith Ketel
Christian Parker
Deborah DeMoss Smith
Pamela Gormley
Gary Gormley
Suzanne Zuniga
Steven Mitchell
Dan Rasay
Mary Ellen Grace
Amy Reid
David Kays
Jonathan Rudnick
Melody Pritchett
Sam Austin
Ben Earle
Joyce Follingstad
Carter Latendresse
Naomi LaViolette
Kenton Waltz
Abigail McKee, PBO
Becky Polley
Laurel Pickett
Phoenix Greenman
Linda Woody
Betsy Russell
Missy Vaux
Ann Messick
Shirley Charlton
Mindy Johnston
Gamelan Rakyat
Mindy Johnston
Margaret Bloomfield
Susan Kevorkian
Sharon Wynde
Mark Hartrim-Lowe
Richard Gellman, Works in Progress Piano
Nicole Lane
Misty Tompoles, Artslandia Magazine
Richard Gellman
Nicole Lane
Joanne Devereux
Brian Johnson, Metropolitan Youth Symphony
Ross Barbieri
Barb Epstien
Amy Drake Campbell
Steve Wenig, Oregon Symphony
Norman Wilson
Mont Chris Hubbard
Dave Bamonte, Oregon Symphony, PSU
Alicia Waite
Bruce Fife


20 Digitus Duo
45th Parallel
Ajuna Healing
Anima Mundi Productions
Artslandia Magazine
Aurora Chorus
Aurora Outreach Ensemble
B-Side Book Club A Cappella
BRAVO Youth Orchestras
Brass Cactus Goods
Cabaret White
Cappella Romana
Cardinal Education Network
Carroll Raaum Swing Orchestra
Cascadia Composers
Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective
Center Stage Voice
Cerimon House
Chor Anno
Clackamas Community College Music Department
Clark College Music Department
Czopek Design Studio
Damien Geter Music
Equitable Giving Circle
Fear No Music
First Unitarian Church of Portland
Foris Choir
Grace Notes Music Studio
Gresham United Methodist Church
Hawthorne Family Playschool
Holmes Street Leadership Consulting
House of Rebelo
Independent Publishing Resource Center
Joan Franklin Art
Jennifer Wright Piano Studio
Kenton Waltz Photography
Kerr Violin Shop
KLiK Concepts
Kingdom Sound
Metropolitan Youth Symphony
Montavilla Jazz
New Expressive Works
Nexus Vocal Ensemble
NOC Studio
North Country Productions
Northwest Community Gospel Choir
Nu Shooz
Oh! Creative
Open Hearts Open Minds
Opera on Tap
Opera Theater Oregon
Oregon Chorale
Oregon Jewish Museum & Center for Holocaust Education
Oregon Repertory Singers
Oregon Symphony
Palatine Piano Trio
PDX Jazz
Performance Works NW
Ping & Wolf Opera
Pink Martini
Play It Forward
PlayWrite, Inc.
Portland Baroque Orchestra
Portland Cello Project
Portland Chamber Orchestra
Portland Columbia Symphony
Portland Experimental Theater Ensemble (PETE)
Portland Gay Men’s Chorus
Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble
Portland Piano Company
Portland Radio Project
Portland SummerFest Presents OPERA IN THE PARK
Portland Symphonic Choir
Portland Threshold Singers
Portland Youth Philharmonic
Portlandia Brass
Portsmouth Union Church
PSU School of Music & Theater
Rawdacious Desserts
Renegade Opera
Resonance Ensemble
Resound NW: A Place to Sing
Respond to Racism – Lake Oswego
Russell Fellows Properties
Self Enhancement Inc.
Snowman Foundation
Soul’d Out Productions
Sprouted Roots Therapy & Wellness
Storm Large
St. James Lutheran Church

St. Phillip Neri Chapel
Swaha Studios
Sydney Guillame
Tattoo 34 on Hawthorne
Ten Grands
The Old Church Concert Hall
The Trail Band
Third Angle New Music
Tierra de Mar Music
Tilikum Choir Community
Tiny Mix Tapes
Vancouver School of Arts and Academics
West Hills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
The Wildside Society

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