Snow Day 3: Reading by the heat source

Catch up with some of the ArtsWatch stories of the past week

“Double-Headed Language Daggers" by Da-ka-xeen Mehner/Courtesy Museum of Contemporary Craft

“Double-Headed Language Daggers” by Da-ka-xeen Mehner/Courtesy Museum of Contemporary Craft

At some point today, maybe you’ll have your feet up and a heat source in full operational mode and perhaps a warm beverage warming your delicate digits. Then you’ll wonder: What should I read?

ArtsWatch to the rescue!

Yes, for the past few weeks we’ve generated a lot of what some savvy digital people call “content.” We call them reviews, essays, and/or stories, and I’ve collected a few of them here for easy access. Now, go forth and simmer over thoughts about our cultural condition.

The very fine exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, This Is Not a Silent Movie, leads to a series of questions about the place of contemporary Native American artists in a post-modern world, some of which I took a shot answering and others, simply posed.

Patrick Collier digs into the Whiting Tennis show at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in Salem: Sometimes it’s hard to see the artist for the influences.

AL Adams was a stalwart reporter of the Fertile Ground avalanche, and she’s still formulating stories about it, including this review of Hand2Mouth’s Pep Talk, where coaches rule.

Our reviewer of all things piano, Jana Hanchett, was dazzled by the visit of Vadym Kholodenko, who somehow made old music sound new.

Amy Freed’s world premiere at Artists Rep, The Monster-Builder, has divided audiences (just look at our comments!), and ArtsWatch paragon Bob Hicks did a little creative architecture in his review. And no, he couldn’t resist the pun in the headline!

You probably missed dance class with BalletLab’s Phillip Adams, and you might have missed Jamuna Chiarini’s description of this demanding and illuminating workout. That would be a mistake!

Want to catch up with ALL our coverage of Fertile Ground? I don’t think anyone else covered it with quite our obsessiveness, er, intensity. You’ll enjoy the trip!

OK, that should get you through the weekend!

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