Stage & Studio

A two-time Peabody award-winning radio producer and writer, Dmae Roberts brings national quality to the local arts scene with Stage & Studio. Roberts volunteered with radio station KBOO in 1997 on a show called Theatre Scene when she stepped in for then host Sharon Whitney. Shortly thereafter, Dmae revamped the show into Stage & Studio to focus on performing, media and literary arts in the Northwest, and often, nationally. In 2009, Roberts was one of the first to podcast locally with Stage & Studio. Through the last 23 years, Roberts has interviewed more than 1,000 people on Stage & Studio. As a writer, media and theatre artist, she brings her multi-disciplinary expertise and experience into the studio to ask in-depth questions about the artistic process and more personal inquiry into the artists she interviews.

Dmae is proud to have ArtsWatch as the new home for Stage & Studio!

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Stage & Studio is supported in part by a grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

Ronni S. Lacroute – Friend to the Arts

On Stage & Studio, Dmae Lo Roberts talks with perhaps the most influential benefactor of Oregon arts.

The Immigrant Story and 9/11

Stage & Studio: A conversation with founder Sankar Raman, plus a father's talk with his daughter 20 years ago on 9/11.

Rhonda P. Hill and the EDGE of Design

Stage & Studio: A conversation with leading design figure Hill about the history of fashion by Black designers.

Pasifika Unity Festival + Kalani Pe’a

Stage & Studio: Talking culture, music, health, vaccinations, and the free outdoor Pacific Islander celebration.

Heidi Durrow: Mixed and Remixed

Stage & Studio: The NY Times best-selling author talks about her Portland roots and Mixed-Race identity.

Stage & Studio: 2 Youth Theaters

A momentous podcast conversation with the artistic directors of two leading Portland youth companies.

Stage & Studio: BlaQ Out blooms

Dmae Roberts talks with the makers of a new incubator for Black/Queer Theatre, from Fuse and OUTwright.

Stage & Studio: Vanport Mosaic 2021

The festival's in full swing through June 30. Dmae Roberts talks with founders Laura Lo Forti and Damaris Webb.

Devin Fei-Fan Tau: Who’s On Top?

Stage & Studio: A gay Taiwanese-American filmmaker documents LGBTQ+ climbers' quest to climb Mt. Hood.

Desdemona Chiang – A Great Leap

The director of Lauren Yee's "The Great Leap" talks via podcast about racial equity, sound design & virtual theater.

Subashini Ganesan: Creative Laureate Checks In

Stage & Studio: Dmae Roberts and Portland's arts advocate talk about Covid relief, EDI initiatives, what's next.

Lillian Pitt: 10,000 Years Through Art

Stage & Studio: The noted artist talks about friendships, mentoring, and the Indigenous traditions that shape her art.

Roberta Wong – Conceptual Artist & Tireless Advocate

Stage & Studio: Dmae Roberts talks with artist and curator Wong about challenging stereotypes and anti-Asian racism.

Wanda Walden on Stage & Studio

Dmae Roberts moves her essential performance podcast to ArtsWatch. Up first: Costumer deluxe Wanda Walden.