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A two-time Peabody award-winning radio producer and writer, Dmae Roberts brings national quality to the local arts scene with Stage & Studio. Roberts volunteered with radio station KBOO in 1997 on a show called Theatre Scene when she stepped in for then host Sharon Whitney. Shortly thereafter, Dmae revamped the show into Stage & Studio to focus on performing, media and literary arts in the Northwest, and often, nationally. In 2009, Roberts was one of the first to podcast locally with Stage & StudioFor the last  host and producer Dmae Roberts features performing, literary, and media artists from the Portland Metro area as well as around the Northwest. Through the last 23 years, Roberts has interviewed more than 1,000 people on Stage & Studio. As a writer, media and theatre artist, she brings her multi-disciplinary expertise and experience into the studio to ask in-depth questions about the artistic process and more personal inquiry into the artists she interviews.

Dmae is proud to have ArtsWatch as the new home for Stage & Studio!

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Stage & Studio is supported in part by a grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

Stage & Studio: BlaQ Out blooms

Dmae Roberts talks with the makers of a new incubator for Black/Queer Theatre, from Fuse and OUTwright.

Stage & Studio: Vanport Mosaic 2021

The festival's in full swing through June 30. Dmae Roberts talks with founders Laura Lo Forti and Damaris Webb.

Devin Fei-Fan Tau: Who’s On Top?

Stage & Studio: A gay Taiwanese-American filmmaker documents LGBTQ+ climbers' quest to climb Mt. Hood.

Desdemona Chiang – A Great Leap

The director of Lauren Yee's "The Great Leap" talks via podcast about racial equity, sound design & virtual theater.

Subashini Ganesan: Creative Laureate Checks In

Stage & Studio: Dmae Roberts and Portland's arts advocate talk about Covid relief, EDI initiatives, what's next.

Lillian Pitt: 10,000 Years Through Art

Stage & Studio: The noted artist talks about friendships, mentoring, and the Indigenous traditions that shape her art.

Roberta Wong – Conceptual Artist & Tireless Advocate

Stage & Studio: Dmae Roberts talks with artist and curator Wong about challenging stereotypes and anti-Asian racism.

Wanda Walden on Stage & Studio

Dmae Roberts moves her essential performance podcast to ArtsWatch. Up first: Costumer deluxe Wanda Walden.