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Street Scene: Pooches on Parade

As the scaled-back Rose Fest readies its Porch Parade, a tribute to the canceled Rose City Classic Dog Show.


One of the many events that disappeared from the calendar this year as a consequence of Covid was the Rose City Classic Dog Show. A local favorite and one of the largest such shows in the country, it is normally held at the Expo Center in mid-January.  It is a show that has always had a tone of its own. The snoots are there, of course (both owners and dogs), but not in the numbers needed to co-opt the general ambiance. One was just as likely to find a dog named Rex wandering about as one named Baron of Crofton.

Inspired by the Rose Festival’s “Porch Parade” (the Festival’s answer, running May 31-June 13, to the cancellation of its Grand Floral extravaganza), I have cobbled together belatedly a down-market homage to the Rose City Classic—the “Pooch Parade,” a cynophile-friendly selection of archived photographs from Portland’s dog-dappled streets.

Studying Menu, 2019

Sleeping Dog Lies, 2016

Sidekick, 2018

Suspicious Bassett, 2012

Introduction, 2016

Passenger, 2014

Dining Alfresco, 2019

Admiration, 2017

Two of a Kind, 2014

Grooming, 2018

Ebony and Ivory, 2018

Argyle Sweater, 2013

Dog on Leash, 2019

Family, 2019

Benched, 2014

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