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ArtsWatch pauses to reflect… (print by Francesco Zuccarelli, Getty Museum)

So, yes, we’ve spent a couple of days (well, three) setting the stage for our pitch. We want you to become a member of ArtsWatch (or “subscriber to”, depending on how you like to think of it), and we’re going to lay out all of our reasoning in a calm, deliberate way, and then we’ll probably just start groveling.

But today, we thought we take a little break from that argumentation because it DOES get a little dense.

I looked over the past few days of posts on our Facebook page, and I started to get excited. Yesterday, PICA told us that they were on the move to Washington High School to establish the headquarters for the Time-Based Art festival, which starts Sept. 6. I saw a note from Oregon Ballet Theatre  reminding us about OBT Exposed, which brings the dance studio to Director Park starting Monday, and how choreographer Pontus Lidberg will be putting a brand new dance on the OBT dancers. And a stream of photographs from actors working on scripts for Third Rail Repertory Theatre’s new season surfaced, and they looked like they were having serious fun!

I’m not trying to convince you to sign up for our Facebook page, though I wish you would because, you know, the more the merrier. I’m just pointing out the reasons for my palpitations. What else? Ex-Oregonian Marin Alsop was in London to lead a major concert by her new orchestra, the Sao Paulo Symphony, and I realized how far our reach stretches. And then the PEN awards were announced and locals Lidia Yuknavitch, Joe Sacco, Allen Say, Jon Raymond, and Todd Haynes made the list. The Portland Art Museum posted highlights from  Raymond’s talk about painter Philip Guston back in June, which reminded me just how smart and inter-connected our arts scene is. And we noted an article from Seattle about the re-making of the Seattle Symphony during the past year, and we instantly jumped to the Oregon Symphony and its search for a successor to Elaine Calder. And then we got a cautionary note from Brooklyn: No, Portland doesn’t want to be Brooklyn, apparently. (is it already too late?).

That was pretty much just yesterday.

So, maybe you see now why I’m hoping you’ll support ArtsWatch? I want to turn our writers loose on all this material. Heck fire! We already have. But I want more, so much more! Because there’s so much more out there, begging to be turned over and thought about and speculated over. And we want to do that with you.

Tomorrow, we’ll pick up the argument again, but it’s all much more personal for me and the writers affiliated with ArtsWatch than the argument we’re making, though we do believe deeply in that argument. We want to join you in some serious wrestling with the arts culture out there, no holds barred, the old rough and tumble, anyone who has a sublime experience wins.

Of course, we need you to make that happen!

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