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Now Hear This: April edition

Multilingual hip-hop, bludgeoning metal, and live improvised electronic music

Now Hear This is a monthly column that scours the pages of music distributor Bandcamp, looking for new work from local artists that would make fine additions to your digital library. This time around, that includes multilingual hip-hop, bludgeoning metal, live improvised electronic music, and plenty more–just in time for Bandcamp’s next Fee Free First Friday.

King Benzo Lenoir, PRODIGY

King Benzo Lenoir aspires to hip-hop glory, but seems in no hurry to get there. “I’m the next in the line of succession,” he says at the start of blistering trap cut “Winning Vibe,” one of the many highlights from his debut release PRODIGY. While he waits for his turn, this rapper, formerly from the Democratic Republic of Congo, has a lot to say about his skills as a ruler, a lover, and a fighter—and he does it in a blend of English, French, and Lingala. 

Horrendous 3D, The Gov. and Corps. Are Using Psycho-Electronic Weaponry To Manipulate You And Me…


MusicWatch Monthly: Sour grapes

Eschew the news and venues’ booze

I know. There are more important things to talk about and think about right now. Hopefully you’re staying informed about What’s Going On during this Important Historical Moment, both in terms of the bigger picture and the ground-level perspective of the myriad local journalists documenting the last two months of Black Lives Matter protests here and around the world.

We could never make an exhaustive list of people who can speak for what’s happening here in Portland, but a good place to start listening might include: former and current mayoral candidates Teressa Raiford, Sarah Iannarone, and Jessie Sponberg; Alex Zielinski and Sergio Olmos, just two of the many livestreamers who’ve been on the ground since the beginning; The Only Robert Evans, who’s been belling feral cats for years; and the few local politicians worth a damn, a short list that can’t exclude Wyden and Blumenauer and Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty.

Okay, good, you’re staying informed. But you need a break from staying informed, right? We therefore offer this humble distraction.