David Farrier

FILM REVIEW: “Tickled” is no laughing matter

This unpredictable documentary follows a New Zealand journalist as he investigates a bizarre tickling-video subculture

It’s hard to think of a more thrilling cinematic experience than watching a movie narrative constantly evolve and change shape. That’s even more true in nonfiction, where a filmmaker may start with a simple premise or subject, then realize, typically through sheer coincidence and dumb luck, that they’ve stumbled onto a much larger or weirder tale than they could ever have imagined. “The Imposter,” “Exit Through The Gift Shop,” “My Kid Could Paint That,” “Capturing The Friedmans” are a few great examples of truth being far stranger than fiction; they start as one thing and became something else entirely by the end.

A similar mutation occurs in “Tickled,” a new documentary opening at Hollywood Theatre on Friday, July 8, and if these kinds of movies are your cup of tea, look no further. Surely you won’t see what’s coming.