homegrown string quartets

MusicWatch Weekly: Noise, searching for its voice

Monster surf, homebrewed string quartets, double drumming, and the musical tyranny of evil men

You may have noticed I’ve been putting genre labels in scare quotes lately. That’s because “genre” is as “dead” as “opera.”

“Rock,” like “Protestantism,” has split off into factions as diverse as metal, surf, psych, punk, post-punk, prog, pronk–all represented in the coming week’s musical picks. Same goes for “classical,” a marbled old word from which we chisel a wide variety of music, from pious Bach to the dreamy Rachmaninoff you’ll get two chances to hear in the next week.

Then you’ve got things that are truly ineffable–and we’ve got some of that this week too.

“Rock” Music

For your first post-genre concert of the weekend, allow me to introduce a Portland duo that describes itself as “FreneticSynthBeatFemmePoetScreamPop for the Apocalypse.” Xibling (technically pronounced “sibling,” but “disobedience was humanity’s Original Virtue”) performs Friday night at Southeast Portland’s Lovecraft Bar, and the show doubles as release party for their new Yesbody EP and tour send-off shindig. Last chance to get tapes (!) and seedies before they sell em all to The Californians.

“History excludes every night’s revolution.”