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Streamers: Cinematic pleasures for your enjoyment

Cinema was big in the Thirties, because people needed an escape. It's the same now.

For those rare times when you’re NOT doomscrolling or staring blankly out the window wondering how we got here, we present a selection of worthwhile viewing on the screen of your choice:

“I’m Your Woman”: I’ve not had the pleasure of watching star Rachel Bresnahan’s award-winning work in “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” but this firecracker of a film has me convinced she’s the real deal. By the same token, I haven’t seen any of director Julia Hart’s previous features, but with this effort she has accomplished the seemingly impossible by making a slick, entertaining, action-packed, character-driven flick that subverts genre paradigms without hitting its audience over the head with its social conscience. Impressive.

ARINZE KENE and RACHEL BROSNAHAN star in I’M YOUR WOMAN Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios Courtesy of Amazon Studios

The genre in question is the 1970s crime drama, and Bresnahan plays the ‘crook’s girlfriend’ character typically relegated to the sidelines in such films. When we meet her, Jean (Bresnahan) is aware that when Eddie (Bill Heck) spends his nights out, he’s not exactly volunteering at the local homeless shelter. So, when he brings home a baby, with no explanation where he got it, and presents it to her, she barely bats an eye before naming it Harry.

Shortly thereafter, Jean is awakened one night by one of Eddie’s compatriots. Things have gone awry, and soon she’s on the lam with the baby, accompanied by Cal (Arinzé Kene), another of Eddie’s colleagues she hasn’t previously met. From there, the pair play hide-and-seek with vengeful killers, from a suburban (supposedly) safe house to a mountain cabin, before eventually taking matters into their own hands.