Mr. E

Interview: Pepper Pepper explains D.I.V.A Practice

Kaj-anne Pepper talks about being Pepper Pepper and what it means to be a DIVA

Seen most recently last fall hosting Critical Mascara for PICA’s TBA festival, Kaj-anne Pepper, also known as Pepper Pepper, will be “stage diving right into our hearts with a daring spectacle of dance, glitter and drag” as Pepper says, Friday and Saturday nights at Zoomtopia. Pepper will be accompanied by drag artist Mr. E, and the two will be performing to a perfectly “fabulous” original score by Cabiria Jones.

Pepper is a Portland choreographer, drag artists and MC who mixes dance and drag to address difficult subjects. D.I.V.A. Practice, as Pepper calls his approach, means exploring what it means to be fabulous in the face of uncertainty while questioning the significance of drag and gender in contemporary culture.

I caught up with Pepper via email and asked him/her a few questions.