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Eugene Ballet preview: Interactive Dialogue of Vibrating Frequencies

“White Noise” blends contemporary music, choreography, and projected imagery


Carmina Burana epitomizes the ballet/musical warhorse: it’s popular, tuneful, and looks backward, both to the 1230 manuscript and the medieval sound Carl Orff’s 1936 music evokes. To provide a dramatic contrast to that classic for their Feb. 13-14 performances at Eugene’s Hult Center, Eugene Ballet Company’s Artistic Director Toni Pimble chose a forward-looking new work: White Noise, a collaborative dance and interactive media performance created by San Francisco-based choreographer Amy Seiwert.

Seiwert’s White Noise Ballet. Photo: Scot Godman.

Seiwert’s ‘White Noise’ ballet. Photo: Scot Godman.

For Pimble, White Noise explores the look of dance in a new world — a world that combines contemporary music and choreography with computer technology and digital media. Choreographed by Seiwert with music by Zoë Keating and interactive video by Frieder Weiss, White Noise is “a courageous, cutting edge ballet working with new technology,” Pimble commented in an ArtsWatch interview.