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Month of Sundays. Linda Austin. photo: courtesy the artist.


Here we are part way through Linda Austin’s series of solos on Sundays. Each Sunday an invited dancer also does a solo piece. There’s updated information about the series at Linda’s PWNW website amr the original info from Linda:

A Month of (5) Sundays: Every Sunday in July LINDA AUSTIN dances her way through an idiosyncratic temporal structure in which vast and shifting internal landscapes of past and future weave through the ineluctable slipperiness of the present moment, research towards her fully staged group project A HEAD OF TIME in 2012. Each Sunday’s solo is accompanied by the ghost of the previous Sunday’s iteration in the form of a floating video projection and is paired with a work by another artist. The July 10 performance is part of the First Annual 1 Festival at Headwaters! All other performances are at Performanceworks Northwest (PWNW).

All proceeds go towards dancer honorariums for the 7 dancers involved in this project.

$8-$25 for the shows at Performance Works NW.
More info and tickets at!

Visit for ticket info on the 1 Festival

Sunday July 3 at 7pm || PWNW || + a work by Keyon Gaskin
Sunday July 10 at 5 & 7pm || Headwaters || + a work by Linda K. Johnson
Sunday July 17 at 7pm || PWNW || + a work by Lucy Yim
Sunday July 24 at 7pm || PWNW || + a work by Danielle Ross
Sunday July 31 at 7pm || PWNW || + a work by Philippe Bronchtein + Combo #2 (reprise) with Austin, Jin Camou and Esther LaPointe
Portland, OR
Sunday, July 3 at 7:00pm – July 31 at 8:00pm