Pollyanna Hancock-Moody

Concert review: Haunted by the Moon

Challenges of Schoenberg's score don't eclipse Marylhurst's moonstruck production of Pierrot Lunaire

Ken Selden conducted the ensemble at Marylhurst University's production of Pierrot Lunaire.

Portland State University professor Ken Selden conducted the ensemble at Marylhurst University’s production of Pierrot Lunaire.


“Let’s go take in some Schoenberg” is not something I have ever said to another human. Yet I was excited and curious to hear about this harlequin clown, this moonstruck reject from the Commedia de l’Arte, and later, the cabaret. Pierrot Lunaire is a novelty, a rarity, and I enjoyed anticipating the “how will they pull this off”-ness of being in the audience. I had no expectations beyond “this could be a kick.” And it was.