Stefanie Zofia Schulz

Here is not there

In Transit: From Home to Where at Blue Sky Gallery


Immigration is a hot topic these days, not only politically but also in the cultural sector as artists respond to a growing humanitarian crisis. The traveling exhibition In Transit at Blue Sky Gallery through December 30 confronts this timely and difficult topic through photographs and videos of migrants and refugees in the Middle East and Europe who have been forced to leave their homes due to war, political upheavals, economic deprivation, and strife. While the situation in each country varies and each migrant experiences a different set of circumstances, there is a commonality to their existence in a state of transition, with little security or recourse.

The five artists selected by curator Peggy Sue Amison have worked with immigrants in Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Italy, and Germany, providing a window into the lives of people who endure in constant states of uncertainty, loss, sorrow, fear and frustration. By collaborating with their subjects over a period of time, sometimes years, and giving them a voice, the artists restore dignity to those often seen only as interlopers or victims rather than individuals.