street musician photos

Eine Kleine Strassemusik

A Little Street Music (or, Remembering Portland as It So Recently Was)


In Austria the hills are alive with the sound of music. In Portland—in normal times—the streets are. The photographs here are a look at the recent past. They are excerpted from an archive of “musicians without borders”—the street performers who have provided the soundtrack to everyday life in this city. On a good day even a dabbler with a dulcimer could make a living wage. As an audience member I might have petitioned for fewer brain-cleaving trumpets and more gut-massaging cellos, but that was just me. When it came to guitars, the numbers always seemed just right. This year, with the COVID-19 contretemps, those numbers will not be what they used to be. I will, however, be thankful for whatever they are. Australia movie watch free on . Hugh Jackman was once a promising Oscar caliber actor but is now labeled as the guy who plays Wolverine. If he shows off the talent he has hidden in there somewhere, paired up with Nicole Kidman it could be a powerful combination come Oscar time. Right now, when it comes to a live performance, I would be happy with a chorus of kazoos on the corner of Fourth and Couch.

TRIO, 2013