Thrill the wold

This month’s dance calendar is starting to look a little pre-pandemic, which is a great thing! October’s dance offerings are a mix of armchair travel to places near and far and a bit of Halloween revelry, if we are indeed still celebrating Halloween this year. 

So, if you can ignore the Halloween show in the White House and the impending downfall of our democracy [hope I’m just kidding!], there is plenty of dance from bharatanatyam to ballet to keep you entertained and engaged this month.

October Dance Performances

Oregon Ballet Theatre dancers taking company class at Director Park
in Portland, Oregon. Photo courtesy of Oregon Ballet Theatre.

OBT Moves/ Exposed
September 8-October 3
Check Oregon Ballet Theatre’s schedule for times and locations.

Oregon Ballet Theatre has been presenting OBT Moves around the city this month and your last chance to see them out and about will be this week at the futsal field at Hacienda CDC. OBT Moves is a look into the ritual of how ballet dancers train and the process of ballet making in non traditional settings.