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Now Hear This: December edition

Ambient metal, spaced-out hip-hop, Holiday and Young covers, and a Nigerian comp

Now Hear This is a monthly column that scours the pages of music distributor Bandcamp, looking for new work from local artists that would make fine additions to your digital library. This time around, that includes ambient metal, spaced-out hip-hop, Holiday and Young covers, a Nigerian comp, and plenty more–just in time for Bandcamp’s last Fee Free First Friday of 2020.

Cosmic Surveillance: Volume 1

The cover of this new cassette by Joel Shanahan’s project Cosmic Surveillance looks to be a photo of people milling about on the seaside. But when paired with the luscious ambient music on this album, it begins to feel more like a mass exodus into the unknown. A willing departure from this mortal coil into a soft haze where body and soul are nourished and kept warm by the sound of billowing synth melodies and massaging drones.

M. Ward: Think of Spring


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