The ArtsWatch Famous Links post, #1 2012

Gina Wilson's sculptures await their First Thursday pedestals at Laura Russo Gallery./Courtesy Laura Russo Gallery


What are the 10 Best Things about Portland? Naturally, writer (among other things) Corey DuBrowa has it all wrong on Paste Magazine (Mt. Hood? Really?), but it did get us thinking. My list might start with Gordon Gilkey…

Writer/critic/composer Tom Manoff thinks the Eugene Symphony should start at least considering a replacement for conductor Danail Rachev, whose contract ends in 2013.

We love year-end wraps, especially when they are sharp and opinionated, even when we disagree. Maybe especially when we disagree! So, we relished Jeff Jahn’s take on the local art world at PORT.

Way back in the early 1970s, I conducted a little experiment with a class of 9th grade history students in a difficult high school in Providence, Rhode Island. Once a week, I allowed each student the freedom to sit quietly, head down on desk, and listen to the music of the period we were studying, which I played as background music. Guess what? Studies show I might have been doing the right thing!

I know: “Portlandia” is everywhere. Even here. There’s no escape. But this Salon interview with Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen starts to get at the real tension of the show: How do you make fun of people who are trying to live their lives in the most productive, least harmful way they can? I still disagree that this is only a question for the privileged, by the way.

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