The Oregon Arts Watch podcast: An interview with Chris Coleman

Chris Coleman

One of our goals at Oregon Arts Watch is to produce a regular podcast, featuring news, opinion and interviews that touch on the arts and culture of the region. This is our first attempt — an interview with director Chris Coleman about his new production of “Oklahoma!” at Portland Center Stage, which I reviewed last week. We want to make these of varying lengths, including nice bite-sized snacks, but this one is much longer.

Mostly, that’s because Coleman’s version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical classic takes the play seriously. It’s set in an African-American community in the Oklahoma Territory, which heightens some elements of the play and helps the overall project of re-discovering a classic, which has been lost to many of us because it seemed so… corny. But it’s not, not at all, and restoring it to us in all of its wit and emotionally complex is the real success of this production.

OAW: Episode 1: Chris Coleman by Oregon Arts Watch

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