VizArts Monthly

VizArts Monthly: New openings and moments of nostalgia

Lindsay Costello's monthly roundup of not-to-miss shows and events for June.

VizArts Monthly: Personal reflections, collective inquiries, and space rocks

Lindsay Costello discovers a state of wonder in her roundup of art to see in May.

VizArts Monthly: Day trips, local favorites, and virtual viewings

Lindsay Costello's round-up of shows to see virtually, in Portland, and around the state in April.

VizArts Monthly: Spring reflections on social upheaval

Lindsay Costello's monthly round-up of what to see in March everywhere from new backyard spaces to established galleries.

VizArts Monthly: Invigorate with art

The vibrancy of Portland's art scene is the perfect antidote to a gloomy February. Lindsay Costello gives a run down of the many options.

VizArts Monthly: New year, new art

New art to welcome the new year! Galleries and virtual spaces alike offer a wealth of viewing opportunities for January.

VizArts Monthly: The “freeze” edition

Most galleries remain shuttered this December due to Oregon's Covid restrictions but there are still plenty of opportunities for virtual viewing.

VizArts Monthly: Connection amid isolation

November's art viewing options range from abstract paintings to a multisensory lizard immersion installation.

VizArts Monthly: Flexible viewing options for unusual times

After a pandemic hiatus, VizArts Monthly is back! Lindsay Costello with shows to see, both virtually and in person, in October.

VizArts Monthly: Streaming at home

Martha Daghlian's April picks highlight local arts organizations' strategies for engaging homebound viewers.

VizArts Monthly: Fill March with art and sunshine

From Baldessari to Bearden to Carola Penn and more, Martha Daghlian picks events & shows to see in March.

VizArts Monthly: Art worth braving the rain to see

Martha Daghlian shines some light on gallery shows to get out and see in February.

VizArts Monthly: Options for going out or for staying in

Martha Daghlian's monthly roundup of things to see in January

VizArts Monthly: Appreciating the past, showing up for the present

Martha Daghlian highlights some worthy December art offerings

VizArts Monthly: Antidotes for anxiety

A round-up of Portland-area gallery offerings in November.

Vizarts Monthly: Cozy autumn edition

Ním Wunnan's October art picks, from the Chinese Garden to the High Desert Museum.

Eiko Otake TBA

VizArts Monthly: September Frenzy

Ním Wunnan's top picks for PICA's TBA festival, the 2019 Biennial at Disjecta, and a mile of coastline.

VizArts Monthly: Flatness, roundness, and everything between and beyond

The hot days, long nights, and spontaneous trips to the river are…

Robert Porknoy, Note to self in orange

July VizArts Monthly: Visible, invisible, and sandwiches

Whatever gets your synapses firing, July’s got you covered. This month is…

June Transitions: VizArts Monthly

This June, the arrival of summer isn’t the only big transition on…